Young couple saved by a fisherman after treading water three days

Young couple are rescued treading water in the middle of the ocean after THREE days at sea after losing their paddleboards: Fisherman spotted them ‘floating past in the tide’

  • A young couple were lost at sea for almost three days
  • They were saved by a fisherman from Yeppoon, QLD
  • The couple were taken by the tide after setting up camp 

A young couple have been miraculously saved by a fisherman after being lost at sea for three days. 

Lorne Benussi, from the coastal town of Yeppoon in Queensland, was on a fishing trip with his father when he came across the desperate pair.

He had anchored his boat at Yellow Patch on Curtis Island and went to sleep on Monday night before hearing voices outside calling for help. 

Lorne Benussi, from the coastal town of Yeppoon in Queensland (pictured), was on a fishing trip with his father when he came across the desperate pair

The couple had drifted all the away from North West Island, which is about 75 kilometres northeast of Gladstone

‘We were on a fishing trip and went to bed at 9:30pm. At 10:15pm, we heard voices calling for help and we saw them drifting past the boat,’ Mr Benussi told Daily Mail Australia

‘We had the dinghy and so were went over and dragged them onto the boat.’

‘The poor buggers had no energy, they were completely exhausted. They couldn’t even sit up.’

Mr Benussi helped the pair onto his boat and provided them with food, water and clean clothes. They also took hot showers.

The young couple didn’t say much to the former commercial fisherman but were ‘just grateful’ to be saved. 

Mr Benussi said the young man did not fair as well as his partner as he didn’t eat and only drank water.

‘The young bloke didn’t eat anything really but he was very thirsty. He ended up chucking up half the water.’ 

He added that the pair ‘were up all night drinking water and cramping’, which was due to the fact they had consumed too much salt water.

The couple had reportedly set up camp on North West Island on Saturday and went for a paddle board before they were taken away with the tide.

It’s understood no one had called the police to report their disappearance as the couple weren’t set to return from their trip until Tuesday. 

Mr Benussi said the couple were very lucky they had drifted towards the coastline instead of the open sea.

‘It was very fortunate they floated towards the coast otherwise it’d be a different news story,’ he said. 

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