Sickening way cops found billionaire heiress Eliza Fletcher’s rotting corpse

The body of billionaire heiress Eliza Fletcher was found on Monday (September 5) after a three-day hunt when police were drawn to an “odour of decay”.

Documents obtained by theNew York Postuncovered that the Tennessee, USA, heiress’ body was discovered in high grass by an abandoned home after they followed the pungent smell of her rotting corpse.

The documents, revealed on Tuesday, came as police charged 38-year-old Cleotha Abston for the murder and kidnapping of the mum of two.

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On Tuesday police released the affidavit which explained the process the police followed to heartbreakingly find the remains of the 34-year-old primary school teacher.

The affidavit, a sworn statement, said: “The officers noticed vehicle tracks in the grass … and the officers smelled an odour of decay,” which they then followed until they “located an unresponsive female lying on the ground”.

She was discovered days after going missing around five miles east of her home.

Despite her body being found on Monday, no confirmation that it was the granddaughter of the Orgill Inc. hardware empire was given until the following day.

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She was discovered more than three miles from her home in the neighbourhood of Central Gardens.

“The scene investigation revealed that the female fit the description of missing person, Eliza Fletcher,” the affidavit continued.

A bag of rubbish which “contained purple Lululemon running shorts that were consisted [sic] with the ones Eliza Fletcher was last seen wearing”, was also found.

It is understood that the location of tragic Eliza’s body was close to where CCTV footage captured Abston cleaning out his Black SUV, a GMC Terrain.

Abston has previously served a 20-year prison sentence for a violent kidnapping and did not give evidence regarding where the body had been left.


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