Russian state TV in chaos as expert slams Vladimir Putin’s ‘cruelty and sadism’

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    A Russian state TV programme was left in chaos when two pundits turned on Vladimir Putin, labelling his illegal invasion of Ukraine as a “sadist” act against innocent civilians.

    Since Putin declared the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 earlier this year, the leader has been supported in his conquest by raving threats made by propagandists on Russian State TV, who have warned the West of nuclear annihilation on a number of occasions.

    However, after one presenter was taken off air for horrifically joking about "raping" Ukrainian grandmothers, rifts have begun to spread on the programmes.

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    This left one of Putin’s pals even questioning the existence of Russia’s nuclear arsenal. And, in a clip shared by journalist Julia Davis on Twitter, two more experts told a panel that the despotic leader had gone too far.

    “I don’t understand what kind of a just world order we could be talking about, when we are destroying power plants and the infrastructure in Ukraine,” Alexei Roschin, a sociologist, said.

    “This is cruelty and sadism, a war against civilians. This is a war against the people.

    “As a citizen, I’m responsible, but I did not approve of the bombing of Ukrainian power plants… When this is the kind of thing that we do, the way they feel towards us is clearly understandable.”

    The programme’s host was left scrambling to bring the programme back into supporting Putin, joking: “He decided to throw a turd onto the field… We all understand you wanted to return to television but I’m afraid you went up the wrong porch, no one is interested in what you’re saying.”

    But, after independent reports in liberated regions of Ukraine have consistently found evidence of unspeakable horrors committed against the nation’s people, Alexei wasn’t the only member of the panel to turn on Putin.

    During the debate, political scientist Aleksandr Sytin also disavowed any argument that Russia had the right to take territory from Ukraine.

    “The problem is that international law was violated,” he stressed. “The territorial integrity of a sovereign nation was violated on February 24th.

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    “These borders of a sovereign nation that have been violated, those weren’t Russian borders.”

    As a result, the historian suggested any chance of Ukraine giving up its territory in a peace deal was extremely unlikely, and he acknowledged the besieged people’s resilience after sustained attacks from Putin’s invading forces.

    “For Ukraine, territorial concessions are seen not only as impossible, but as unconscionable,” he added.

    “These are former Soviet people. In that instance, it is pointless to anticipate that the people of Ukraine would surrender or demand surrender from their government because they’re forced to cook bacon over a candle.”


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