Mum furious after delivery driver leaves Hello Fresh box on top of sleeping baby

A woman has been left fuming after a delivery driver left a parcel on top of her sleeping baby.

The mum, whose name has not been revealed, took to social media to share the shocking incident, saying her sleeping baby had nearly been "crushed" by the 10kg weight.

She said she had temporarily left her child in a pushchair outside her front door, a fairly common practice in Sweden, where the incident took place.

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She had been expecting a Hello Fresh delivery and went outside to check on her missing package, only to find it had been left on top of her baby's pram, Metro reported.

Posting to Instagram, she wrote: "Congratulations…You crushed a sleeping baby in its pram with a 10kg parcel, and have no shame. Thank God the baby is OK! Never again!"

The woman reportedly called the logistics firm behind the blunder, Gordon Delivery, and was initially offered 250 Swedish kronor (£20) in compensation, according to blogger Camilla Gervide who shared the story on her website, Bloggbevakning (Blog Report).

Gordon Delivery said its courier had no idea there was a baby in the pram when he left the package there and was shocked when he learned about his error.

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Mikael Sahlsten, a spokesman for the company, told local media: "When no one opened up, the driver wanted to leave the parcel on the doorstep, but he thought the surface was too damp.

"So he thought the pram would be more practical. He didn’t see the baby. The mother called us immediately and we made contact with the driver right away.

"He was very sorry about the whole thing. He drove back to the customer and apologised with flowers and pralines. He also wanted to know how the child was doing."

The mum later posted to Instagram again confirming the story and said the courier had been "almost in tears" when he came to her home to apologise.

She has also been given two free deliveries from the company by way of a formal apology.

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