Jack Grealish and Erling Haaland dress down as they head to nightclub

Now for the pyjama party! Man City’s Jack Grealish and Erling Haaland dress down as they head to the nightclub in Manchester with team continuing their Treble celebrations into FOURTH day

  • The Manchester City players visited a Manchester club to celebrate on Monday
  • Team took home the Treble after winning the Champions League on Saturday 

Jack Grealish and his Man City teammates dressed in pyjamas as they piled into a Manchester club to keep the party going for a third night yesterday following their historic Treble win.

The England star, 27, sported a silky black two-piece with gold trim as he led arrivals at Depot Mayfield on Monday night following an open-top bus parade through the streets of Manchester.

He later took to Instagram to post selfies with cheering fans and pictures with the three trophies his team won this season as he carried on his spectacular celebratory bender.  

Star man Erling Haaland also made an appearance at the club, sporting a striking golden tracksuit with his three medals dangling from his neck. 

And manager Pep Guardiola showed it wasn’t just the players cutting loose as he was spotted clambering out of a car to join the party.

The players wives and girlfriends also made an appearance, with several grinning broadly as they sauntered into the venue arm-in-arm with their triumphant partners. 

Jack Grealish sported a silky black two-piece with gold trim as he led arrivals at Depot Mayfield on Monday night

Grealish has been pictured wildly celebrating his team’s Champions League success – and carried the party on for a third night yesterday

Star man Erling Haaland also clearly got the pyjama memo as he arrived at the Manchester club

The striker appeared to be in high spirits and was joined by his girlfriend Haugseng Johansen (right)

Grealish posted selfies with the crowd and of himself wearing a black shirt with a white-lined collar and a pearl necklace. Next to him on stage where other Man City stars like Erling Haaland and Ilkay Gundogan

Kevin de Bruyne was a bit less smiley than his teammates as he arrived alongside partner Michele Lacroix

A grinning Ederson attended last night’s celebrations with his partner Lais Moraes

Manager Pep Guardiola showed it wasn’t just the players cutting loose as he was spotted clambering out of a car to join the party

Kyle Walker and his wife Annie Kilmer were joined by Riyad Mahrez and his wife Taylor Ward as they continued to celebrate Manchester City’s recent success

A cool and laidback Manuel Akanji looked ready to party into the night as he arrived at the club

A casual and grinning Ruben Diaz followed Manuel Akanji into the Manchester nightclub

Man City stars took to the streets in an open-top bus parade today to celebrate their historic treble, with the club’s biggest names, including talisman Jack Grealish, in the midst of an almighty three-day bender.

Amid the jubilant celebrations Norwegian striker Erling Haaland drenched Grealish with champagne. The England winger has been out until sunrise for three nights running, with the party showing little sign of stopping. 

As he downed vodka on stage, Grealish told fans he had ‘the best day and night’ since the momentous win, adding ‘I don’t think I’ve slept’ and that he had lost his voice from all the partying. 

He and his team proudly posed for photos with the Champions League trophy, while their manager Pep Guardiola was seen sipping some well-deserved champagne and enjoying a cigar as the bus paraded through the city centre. 

Fans piling into the city centre for the parade were delayed due to bad weather and lightning storms – but not even the pouring rain could dampen their spirits.

Guardiola, who fans tonight dubbed a ‘wizard’, summed up the atmosphere: ‘What a parade. What an afternoon. It has to be like that, no sunshine. We want rain. The perfect way.’

Kyle Walker and his wife Annie Kilmer were in high spirits as they carried on the party yesterday 

Ilkay Gundogan and his partner Sara Arfaoui also made an appearance at last night’s celebrations

Riyad Mahrez and his partner Taylor Ward attend Man City’s third night of celebrations

The football star shared pictures of himself and other Man City players partying in a Manchester club on Instagram. They were seen on stage with their three trophies and a huge crowd cheering them on

Young star Rico Lewis also made an appearance as he arrived at the club with a partner

England midfielder Kevin Phillips also cut a more casual look as he arrived at the club

Happy: Kalvin Philips gave a thumbs up as he arrived solo at the party

Manchester City players continued to party till the early hours at Depot Mayfield. The team had an ice cream van in the venue serving them

Jack Grealish arrived to the open-top bus parade with his shirt off, but as the rain continued to pour he put his shirt back on and posed for some photos with the Champions League trophy.

He will certainly be feeling worse for wear after he was spotted staying out until sunrise for two nights running in an almighty bender

Tens of thousands lined the streets, some clambering on buildings and lampposts or arriving hours earlier for the best view of the parade route and victory celebrations.

Jubilant players – who on Saturday equalled bitter rivals Manchester United’s 1999 record triumph of winning the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup in one season – unusually arrived in the city centre on a specially-chartered tram.

The parade – in a fleet of blue open-topped buses – was delayed by 30 mins due to the lightning but eventually got underway at 7pm.

The route ended on a big stage where the luckiest fans, who had arrived from early afternoon to secure a spot where they could see, watched the players show off their trophies.

Manager Pep Guardiola joked of the rain: ‘It has to be like that. This is Manchester.’

Among the crowds were Carly Turner, 38, had brought sons Zach, 12, and Toby, 9, who arrived at 4pm so they could get a stage view.

Jack Grealish triumphantly posed with the Champions League trophy alongside Ederson and Kyle Walker

Manager Pep Guardiola said he didn’t mind the rain as he partied with his team

The England winger told fans he has had ‘the best day and night’ since the momentous win

Jack Grealish has drink poured into his mouth on stage by Kalvin Phillips as Kyle Walker and Bernardo Silva watch

Grealish celebrates on the Open-Top Bus during the Manchester City trophy parade

Manchester City players celebrate on a stage during the Treble Parade

The bad weather didn’t put a stop to the treble-winning celebrations

Erling Braut Haaland and Kalvin Phillips celebrate on stage during the treble parade

Haaland was also pictured dancing with his top off next to Pep Guardiola 

Grealish celebrates with the Champions League trophy after the club completed the treble on Saturday

Pep Guardiola celebrates Manchester City’s historic achievement with champagne and a cigar

Manchester City’s Ruben Dias and Erling Haaland with their tops off as they celebrate with the FA Cup Trophy during the Treble Parade

A shirtless Dias poses for another photo this time holding the Premier League trophy 

Pep Guardiola celebrates with the fans alongside Manchester City staff

She said: ‘We’re massive Jack Grealish fans.

‘I’ve supported City all my life and my sons have supported them all theirs. I never thought this would happen in my lifetime. It’s amazing.’

Charlie Thomas, 28 – stood with excited son Eddie, four, on his shoulders, who was carrying an inflatable Champions League cup – said: ‘Pep (Guardiola) is a wizard. He keeps coming up with new ideas and we’ve a set up of players now, I could see this coming.’

Some fans had come straight to the parade after flying back from Istanbul.

Loz Newman collected his partner and sons after landing at Manchester Airport in the early afternoon.

Spanish midfielder Rodri, who scored the winning goal in the Champions League final, holds the trophy in front of fans

Norwegian striker Erling Haaland holds the European Cup as he celebrates with teammates

Manchester City’s Phil Foden holds the Champions League trophy as Aymeric Laporte holds the Emirates FA Cup trophy with Ruben Dias smiling next to the Premier League trophy

Blue and white confetti fills the air as Manchester City’s players celebrate with the European Cup, the FA Cup and the Premier League trophies

Manchester City have become only the second English team to win the treble

A look at the open-top bus as it parades through the streets of Manchester

Phil Foden holds the Champions League trophy as a cannon of confetti explodes in the background

Another angle of Foden holding the Champions League trophy as the fans go wild

Fans watch on from the city centre after their club makes history by winning the treble

Blue smoke fills the air as the City players make their way through the thousands of fans

The streets were lined with happy City fans who tried to see the players pass by

Grealish of Manchester City poses for a selfie with Phil Foden on the Open-Top Bus

The Manchester City players make their way through the city centre on an open-top bus 

England star Phil Foden fires a cannon of confetti during the parade

The 48-year-old, a season ticket holder since 1979 when he was taken to matches as a young boy, said of the atmosphere at the match: ‘There was a lot of disbelief- I never thought we’d win anything. It’s the most ridiculous thing ever.’

City winger Grealish kicked off festivities after Saturday’s Champions League victory over Inter Milan by leading the chants in the dressing room before leaving the stadium with a Heineken in hand along with a speaker blaring out Fleetwood Mac. 

After gulping down drinks during a big night out in Istanbul, the 27-year-old emerged on Sunday morning still wearing his City kit.

After the team headed back to Manchester, he was then jetted off to Ibiza with several other City stars including striker Erling Haaland – who’s described him as his ‘best friend in football’. 

An aerial view showing the open-top buses parading through the many fans

Rain continues to pour down as the treble winners parade through the streets

Despite the bad weather, the Man City fans were still out in full force 

Grealish gave a brief interview to BT Sport after Saturday’s win, when the star was so emotional he broke down in tears

But after that it was full steam ahead, with Grealish singing along to Fleetwood Mac as the players enjoyed several drinks and danced with the trophy. 

The winger also led the chants for matchwinner Rodri as he could barely hide his delight, before providing an entertaining spectacle for journalists in the mixed zone.

With a boombox in one hand and a can of Heineken in the other, Grealish – wearing his cap backwards – made his way towards City’s bus at almost half-past two on Sunday morning.

He led City’s players out and even mocked Kevin De Bruyne as he sauntered past loudly playing the same Fleetwood Mac song and this was only the start.

The England international shared this picture of him being drenched with champagne to his Instagram Live

Manchester City’s Kalvin Phillips with the Emirates FA Cup Trophy, and Bernardo Silva with the Premier League trophy during the Treble Parade in Manchester

The open-top bus parade in full force as fans wave their arms in the air in celebration

One fan is making the best of the weather by kicking a puddle on a street

There was no stopping these City fans from enjoying a truly historic achivement

This Manchester City fan, drenched by the rain, celebrates in front of the camera

Soaked City fans run through the city centre to catch a glimpse of the bus

The start of the parade was pushed back due to lightning storms in the area

Kyle Walker, holding the UEFA Champions League Trophy, and Manuel Akanji pose for a picture

Ilkay Guendogan poses for a photograph with Ruben Dias during the celebrations

Despite the weather – Manchester City players and fans celebrate their historic achievement

The City players celebrate winning the European Cup, the FA Cup and the Premier League

A look at some of the fans who have climbed as high as they can to get a better view

Another look at some of the drenched Manchester City fans who made their way to the parade

A jubilant Jack Grealish smiles with his top off as the Manchester City players make their way to the trophy parade

The City winger may be feeling slightly worse for wear after going on a three-day bender

The Manchester City players all look extremely excited to begin the trophy parade

Ruben Dias carries the Premier League trophy before the parade

John Stones of Manchester City looks on as the LED Screen displays the destination of ‘St. Peter’s Square’ on a Metrolink Tram

Aymeric Laporte of Manchester City reacts on board a Metrolink Tram

A shirtless Jack Grealish and fellow Manchester City player Ruben Dias make their way to the bus parade

Tens of thousands of fans line the streets of Manchester as they wait for the players to arrive

Grealish, who was spotted staying out until sunrise for two nights running in an almighty bender, looks in great spirit as the players walk to the bus parade

The City winger may be feeling slightly worse for wear today after the three-day partying

Manchester City fans cover themselves as the rain begins to fall in the city

The start of the parade was pushed back to 7pm due to incoming lightning storms

The bad weather didn’t appear to be stopping the City fans who were out in full to celebrate

Many of the fans waiting for the bus to arrive used their Manchester City flags to cover themselves from the rain

This young soaked Man City fan has hopped on top of a post box to get a better view

The poor weather has forced the City Fans to cover themselves from the rain

A fan holds a mask of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola

A street vendor with trophy balloons walks ahead of the Treble Parade

Manchester City fans let off a smoke bomb and wave flags during the parade

The bus parade has now been pushed back to 7pm due to lightning storms in the area

City fans stand on a bus stop ahead of the Treble Parade in Manchester

Jack Grealish of Manchester City looks on prior to the Manchester City trophy parade

Two Jack Grealish fans wear the City winger’s shirt number and name as they wait for the parade

City went on to party at the team hotel, JW Marriott, which overlooked the Marmara Sea.

It was tucked away a bit from the hustle of an enchanting city full of life, and certainly from the area near Taksim Square where their supporters drunk the place dry for three days.

Their heroes managed similar in a matter of hours, or seemed to do so with the number of Grey Goose vodka and champagne bottles knocking around.

The hotel opened up downstairs for City, who had brought over the Premier League and FA Cup trophies for company.

Still in full kit, Grealish was leading chants at 5am – respectfully asking ‘have you ever won a Treble?’ with the answer not so polite – on a perch with Haaland, Kyle Walker and John Stones.

Grealish – two drinks in hand – was also seen rapping over thumping disco music as the party continued well into Sunday before City’s flight home.

Grealish then joined his teammates for more Champions League celebrations on Sunday morning, although he was still wearing his kit from the night before.

A breakdown of the City winger’s remarkable partying

City fans can be seen climbing the traffic lights ahead of the parade

A couple of fans wave their flags on top of a traffic light as they wait for the City players to arrive

After their 1-0 win against Inter Milan in the Champions League final, City completed the treble

Kyle Walker looks on prior to the Manchester City trophy parade

Fans watch from their window as tens of thousands of people line the streets in Manchester

Fans waving flags ahead of the Treble Parade

While it’s unclear whether the England midfielder had slept, he certainly enjoyed himself and was joined by Kyle Walker, Erling Haaland, John Stones and Kalvin Phillips.

Phillips was holding the microphone while belting out John Stones’ famous ‘Johnny Stones’ chant, with the four other players joining in.

Grealish was then seen with his head poking out of a window on the roof of the team bus as fans clapped and cheered as they left.

He was determined to continue the party ahead of the flight home.

The delirium felt among City players and staff only continued on the journey home as players posed for pictures with the trophy.

Grealish even made use of the plane’s intercom en route back from Turkey, much to his teammates’ amusement.

Then, as City arrived back at Manchester airport on Sunday afternoon and posed on the steps of their club-encrusted Etihad plane, the full state of Grealish’s celebrations could be seen far-and-wide.

A young Manchester City fan peeks through some metal gates to get a better view

A look at the treble winning celebration area for the Manchester City players

In a video on social media, the England star was stumbling his way towards the terminal building, looking completely out of it.

One fan even joked: ‘Grealish doesn’t have a clue what planet he’s on.’

After pipping Arsenal to win the Premier League title and beating their fierce rivals Manchester United in the FA Cup final at Wembley, City’s Champions League triumph wrapped up the treble.

It means they have now equalled their neighbour’s famous achievement in 1999 and become just the second English team to win the treble. 

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