‘I’m a Prince Harry lookalike and business is booming as I make over £1k a day’

A Prince Harry lookalike who claimed the Duke of Sussex's memoir had killed his career has now told how business is booming again.

Rhys Whittock, 39, has now claimed that the book, the controversial Duke of Sussex's appearance at King Charles' Coronation and other media appearances in recent months have seen him raking in an eye-watering £1,000 a day.

He previously expressed concerns that Harry leaving the UK to flee to California with wife Meghan Markle a few years ago, but he is now raking in the cash.

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It now appears that both of those are seeing him proving to be more popular than ever.

Rhys said: “I was a bit concerned that it was my job over.

“But it became quickly apparent they’d remain in the media and public domain.

“I knew I'd be fine as long as that’s the case – and arguably [Harry and Meghan are] more in the spotlight than ever before.”

Rhys spent years being stopped in the street and told he looked like Harry before eventually signing with an agency.

Since then he has jetted all around the world for various roles such as TV adverts, private functions and most recently, GB news' re-enactments of Harry's court appearances.

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Rhys can now make upwards of £1,000 in a single day in the role, and now hopes to meet Harry one day.

“I have always been a big fan of the royal family,” he said. "I'm one year older than Harry – I actually tell people he's MY lookalike because I got here first!

“I'm very fortunate to look like one of the most talked about men in the world.”

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Rhys' current roles sees him re-enacting Harry's recent court appearances, featured on GB News – these are not the same ones that Sky News was mocked for doing.

He doesn't believe the outcome will affect his future work.

He said: “I'm a big believer in there's no such thing as bad publicity – Harry and Meghan have seen good and bad the past few years.

“But as long as Harry's on the front pages, it's always good for me because interest remains high.

“I personally have got a lot to thank him for.”

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