Prisoners moan cost of living crisis has meant they get less tasty chips

Inmates are moaning that the cost of living crisis is hitting prisons, raising food prices and leaving them with worse food than ever before.

Several prisons across the country have reported that the cost of serving prisoners nutritious meals has shot up, forcing them to cut costs wherever possible.

Since at least 2021, Brits up and down the country have had to tighten their purse strings as the rise in essential household goods has far outpaced the rise in wages.

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The Bank of England’s governor, Andrew Bailey, said that about 80% of the driving force behind the cost of living crisis was due to “global” factors, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the knock-on effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Grendon Prison, a Category D prison in Buckinghamshire, revealed that lags now have to make do with oven chips, as the kitchen has not been able to afford the oil needed to properly fry chips.

The prison has also had to get rid of coffee “on cost grounds,”the Daily Mail reports .

Inmates are “understandably annoyed” that they also have to suffer smaller portions and less choice in their meals.

Meanwhile, at Spring Hill open prison, also in Buckinghamshire, a report revealed that the cost of living crisis has forced the kitchen to abandon pepper, as it is too expensive.

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The report also revealed that it is unable to regularly supply fresh eggs, despite them being “very popular with the men.”

One first-time inmate even said the situation at his jail was so bad it had convinced him to never reoffend, telling prison publication Inside Time: “The only good thing about this, as far as I'm concerned, is it has convinced me never to come back to prison.”

In response to the Daily Mail, a Prison Service spokesperson said: “All prisoners are provided with three healthy meals a day that meet nutritional guidelines.”

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