Penny Mordaunt defended Donald Trump’s talks with Prince Charles, saying he is ‘committed’

Tory leadership: Penny Mordaunt is knocked out of the race

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Penny Mordaunt has crashed out of the Tory leadership race after failing to win enough votes. She won the backing of 105 Conservative MPs in the fifth and final ballot of the race on Wednesday. Meanwhile the former Chancellor Rishi Sunak won 137 votes, while the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss got 113. The pair will now go head-to-head as the race for who should lead the Conservative Party is handed over to its members.

They will take part in two further TV debates and a dozen hustings across the country held throughout the summer.

The successor to Boris Johnson – who quit as Tory leader a fortnight ago – will be announced on September 5.

Over the last few weeks, Ms Mordaunt’s previous roles and comments have been placed under the spotlight.

The former Defence Secretary has been the MP for Portsmouth North since 2010 and was previously a magician’s assistant.

The Trade minister has rubbed shoulders with royalty during her political career, including Prince Charles.

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On one occasion, the MP defended Donald Trump’s talks about climate change with the future King.

The Prince of Wales pressed the then-US President on the environment when they met in June 2019.

Ms Mordaunt claimed Mr Trump had appointed officials who were “very committed on climate change”.

She defended the US leader after he had previously been sceptical about global warming and its effects.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, she admitted that the Prince and Mr Trump did have some disagreements.

But she said although they may not see eye to eye on climate change or women’s rights, “it’s important there’s no rollback on those issues”.

Charles met Mr Trump during his state visit to Britain in 2019, hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Further insight into the two men’s talks came as Mr Trump spoke to Piers Morgan on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’.

The broadcaster asked the US leader if he believes in climate change, with Mr Trump claiming he and the royal shared a lengthy discussion on the subject.

He said: “We had a 15-minute chat and it lasted an hour and a half and he did most of the talking.

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“What he really wants and what he feels strongly about is the future.

“He wants the best climate for the future. He wants a good climate and not a disaster.”

Mr Trump also told Mr Morgan that he was now convinced of manmade climate change.

However, he also added: “I believe there is a change in the weather and it changes both ways.”

He also hit out at China, India and Russia for having “not very good air, not very good water”.

The President claimed that the nations “don’t do the responsibility” when it comes to tackling pollution.

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