Angela Rayner declares ‘I could be PM now!’ – Starmer’s deputy comes clean on No10 hopes

Angela Rayner admits she feared Johnson as Tory leader

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Angela Rayner was pressed on Sky News’s The Take with Sophy Ridge on whether the Labour MP believed she has what it takes to become Britain’s Prime Minister. Keir Starmer’s deputy leader began to answer with a swipe at outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson before conceding that she does harbour hope herself of one day entering Number 10.

Ms Rayner told Sky News: “Yes, I think I could do it now, I think I could and I think it’s really important that kids from my background do have that aspiration and think, you know what, you can do it.

“And I was guilty of thinking I couldn’t do it, for all of the reasons, I think there’s always someone better than myself.

“And actually I think on your show, speaking to people from my background, I should say, you could do whatever you want if you put your mind to it.”


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