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Sir Keir Starmer accused of crossing his fingers on growth

Sir Keir Starmer has unveiled a series of new policy proposals to mark the start of the annual Labour Party conference.

Thousands have arrived in Liverpool to see the Labour Leader detail his plans for Government should he win the next general election and address the current standing of his Party.

Sir Keir currently has a commanding lead in the polls with the latest TechneUK tracker conducted on October 4 and 5 showing 45 percent to Labour over the Conservatives’ 26 percent.

Despite this Sir Keir has been warned that he needs to “wake up and listen to voters” after another poll suggested that Labour was ignoring the wishes of the people it needs to win the next general election.

The findings by pollsters Redfield and Wilton Strategies for the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) showed some 53 percent of those surveyed in Red Wall seats are opposed to a ban on petrol cars by 2030, which Sir Keir has pledged to reinstate after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pushed back the date.

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Speaking about the figures ABD Chairman Bob Bull urged Sir Keir to listen to voters who are “fed up with being hassled, harassed and heavily taxed”.

Sir Keir announced on Sunday morning that he would scrap the Rwanda deportation deal if he took office, regardless of whether it was approved by the Supreme Court or proving a success.

He said during a pre-conference interview with the BBC that it’s “the wrong policy, it’s hugely expensive and it’s a tiny number of individuals who will go to Rwanda”.

He explained to an astonished Victoria Derbyshire that the small boats crossing the English Channel will “only stop if we smash the criminal gangs who are running this vile trade”.

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He also announced that Labour would transform existing further education colleges into new specialist “technical excellence colleges” to help fill the UK’s skills shortage.

While Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting said that Labour would improve NHS services by expanding out-of-hours work to allow faster treatment for patients. Angela Rayner also pledged Labour would deliver the biggest boost to affordable housing for a generation.

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