Sony, KIRKBI and Axegy funded Epic with $2 billion

A month ago, tech giants Sony and investment giants KIRKBI and Axegy decided to contribute to the Epic project to create a Metaverse. The Fornite developer revealed that funds will be allocated to develop the concept and support the continued growth of the Metaverse. Sony has previously invested in Epic, and KIRKBI and Axegy has just contributed. This is a company that is run by Kirk Christians, the creator of The Lego Group. The funding was provided in two rounds of $1 billion each. Thus, the investment company Axegy expanded its investment portfolio with another large company that is engaged in the development of the metaverses.

This contributed to the not-so-understood concept of the Metaverse gaining huge popularity, and Epic became one of the main brands working to create a “new era of the Internet.” In many ways, Epic has advanced thanks to its Fornite platform and its Unreal Engine game creation tool. Sony, in turn, took a step forward with the acquisition of Destiny developer Bungie in early 2022.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney believes the Metaverse will be a space for greater player interaction, entertainment, the creator economy, and the creation and expansion of communities.

Despite massive investments by Sony, Axegy, KIRKBI, and other investors in similar Metaverse projects, the latter are still in their infancy and are only gaining momentum.