Freelanex Announces IEO Launching on October 10 on P2PB2B and Shortex

The company looks to raise up to $10 million USD to build out an online workspace environment for freelancers and employers

Freelanex, a next generation blockchain focused on empowering freelancers globally, has officially announced an upcoming IEO that will take place during two rounds from October 10 through November 14th on P2PB2B and Shortex.

Freelanex is unique as it is looking to build one of the most robust ecosystems for freelancers and employers, with a full-service approach. Using smart contracts, a trustless system will be put in place to ensure contracts are honored and terms are met. Employee protection rights and employer protection is automatically honored through the use of blockchain, as it is immutable.

Currently, the freelancing market is riddled with problems, such as geographic exclusion, payment processing, lack of ease and confidence, and cross-border legal issues. By implementing a workspace built on blockchain, these issues are resolved.

Freelanex CEO Ibrahem Hassan states, “We are excited about our upcoming IEO as we have already sparked interest from our community and are continuously making progress. The IEO funds will be used to further develop the platform and help us launch a global workspace with the goal of attracting millions of freelancers and employers.”

For their upcoming IEO, Freelanex is offering a 25% bonus from October 10 through October 24 and a 15% bonus from October 31 through November 14th. These rounds will give contributors a discount on the IEO price for Freelanex’s native ERC-20 tokens, FLXC. The soft-cap is listed at $1 million USD with a hard-cap of $10 million.

One FLXC will debut at $0.004 USD during the IEO.

About Freelanex

Freelanex is leveraging the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to build the largest and most trusted online workspace environment. With an international team and roadmap, the UAE-based company is conducting an IEO to raise funds and scale their community. Using blockchain technology, AI, and smart contracts, Freelanex is solving some of the world’s most pressing issues that freelancers and employers currently face.


Media Contact Name: Ibrahem Hassan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +971 54 505 2104