Woman who faked sex in easyJet loo left ’embarrassed’ by London’s ‘worst’ café

A woman who claimed to have sex on an easyJet flight is "embarrassed" for tourists eating at London's 'worst-rated' restaurant.

Elsa Thora, 21, put her name to a now-viral clip of a raunchy couple bonking in a toilet onboard the flight before confessing she was only joking – and raking in a swathe of subscribers on her adult content page as a result. The model then quipped that while she would be up for joining the mile high club, "it would have to be British Airways at a minimum," the Daily Star previously reported.

Now, Elsa has blasted an eatery in the capital for their lacklustre atmosphere and less-than stellar food. Palace Restaurant, a traditional fish and chip shop in central London, boasts a two-star rating from a collective 787 Google reviews.

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Her scathing review hit out at the "cold" waitress and Elsa went as far to say it was "quite embarrassing" the establishment could be a tourist's first taste of British cuisine. She said: "I found it by searching on TripAdvisor, the reviews were awful, like no positive ones at all so I thought I need to see this for myself.

"It's right next to Buckingham Palace so it’s in a really good location, that’s probably what saves them for going bust!

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"I didn’t expect it to be so expensive because of the reviews and the interior was really dated, looked like it hadn’t been renovated in 20 years. There was only one waitress, she was probably the owner, she seemed pretty cold. It was almost like she was doing us a favour being there rather than us helping her business out."

Heading in on Monday (October 16) afternoon, the adult star was less than impressed at first, but says the food was "actually okay" in the end. Elsa added: "I kept it simple and went for a chicken burger which came with about 10 chips.

"I would say it probably doesn’t deserve a reputation as bad as it has, but it's not far off due to the prices, service, very very basic food and the interior.

"It was quite embarrassing that so many tourists go in there for their first taste of British food, I almost felt bad not warning anyone because I was there solely because it was the worst reviewed and wanted to have a laugh, and then I see families of tourists were coming in not knowing what they were about to experience definitely doesn't help the stereotype about British food," added the OnlyFans alum.

Elsa was inspired to try the restaurant for herself after reading some truly appalling reviews of the place. Just three weeks ago another disgruntled customer gave it one star out of five on TripAdvisor, writing: "Would breach trade description to even call this place a greasy spoon!!! They added: "All served up by the rudest person in London."

Another brutal recent review titled "Run", elaborated: "If you value your health then avoid at all cost! The food is disgusting, the cafe is filthy the woman who serves could do with a crash course in customer service and I’m going to have nightmares about the toilet."

But we can't ignore a positive shout out for the place which to passers-by now looks to be called the Ace Restaurant. A fan- enthusiastically wrote: "ABSOLUTELYYYYY UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!! Best food in London. The woman may have chased us with a stale baguette but other than that brilliant service and excellent food. Definitely recommend."

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