WARNING: Deranged Russian mercenary holds Ukrainian skull in spine-chilling video

Russian mercenary holds Ukrainian skull in rant

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In a spine-chilling video, an alleged Russian mercenary reportedly named Igor Mangushev gave a chilling performance on set, throwing into a deranged rant. The mercenary held the skull of a Ukrainian soldier killed near the Azovstal steel plant in Ukraine, according to Mr Mangushev. Ukrainian soldiers were captured by Russian forces after weeks of fighting and are expected to be put on trial in the Russian-backed Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine.

Holding the skull of the Ukrainian soldier, Mr Mangushev started his unhinged diatribe by saying: “We’re alive and this guy’s already dead. 

“Let him burn in hell.

“He wasn’t lucky. We’ll make a goblet out of his skull.”

The alleged Russian mercenary went on to explain the reason why Russian troops are been deployed to Ukraine.

“We are not at war with people of blood and flesh. We are at war with the idea, with the idea of Ukraine as an anti-Russian state.

“There can be no peace. We must de-Ukrainise Ukraine,” Mr Mangushev said, peddling Vladimir Putin’s war propaganda.

Before launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin mentioned the expansion of NATO and the need to “de-nazify” Ukraine to justify the attack. Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke of freeing Ukraine from oppression though President Volodymyr Zelensky was democratically elected.

The claims of Nazis and genocide in Ukraine are unfounded and are part of a narrative repeated by Russia for years.

Mr Mangushev continued: “This is the tragedy of Ukrainian soldiers. We don’t care how many we have to kill them. If we were at war with people we could make peace with them.

“But we are at war with the idea, so all bearers of an idea must be killed like this guy,” he said holding up the skull, before adding: “probably he did not want to lie near Azovstal.”

When asked by an audience member if it is definitely not a civilian, Mr Mangushev said: “This is definitely not a civilian, we killed him ourselves”

Another audience member then asked: “Did he understand what the ‘Russian world’ is?”

Looking at the skull, Mr Mangushev said: “I think he did.”

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The head of the Russian-backed Donetsk’s People’s Republic – one of the two Ukrainian provinces Vladimir Putin unilaterally recognised as independence to justify his full-scale invasion – said the captured Ukrainian soldiers will go on trial.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned such a move would mean an end to all negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

“At the moment, we can say that material on 80 cases of Azov crimes is completely ready,” said Denis Pushilin, head of the Donetsk’s People’s Republic.

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