Wagner soldiers returning to Russia are stoned to death after failed mutiny

Soldiers of the Wagner group are being threatened, beaten and even stoned to death by furious Russians.

The Yevgeny Prigozhin-led group are finding themselves threatened, attacked and even killed by Russians who are still rather furious over the botched revolt the Wagner Group attempted last July.

Brutal attacks to Wagner group soldiers are now being reported, and some are being stoned to death upon their arrival in Russia, which appears divided at the presence of the militia.

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Said militia were initially enlisted by president Vladimir Putin as a means of war surplus in the Ukraine conflict, but the short-lived mutiny appears to have left a sour feeling.

Despite the perceived successes the Wagner Group experienced while fighting in Ukraine, the militia is not looked on as fondly after the failed coup carried out by Prigozhin.

His botched attempt at taking control of the Kremlin saw him head into hiding for a month, and only recently has the 62-year-old reappeared in public.

Although he has made a return to public life, some of his soldiers are finding a return to Russia impossible, with two former soldiers, one Wagner and one ex-Russian military, assaulted by a group of youths in Western Siberia on August 5.

Another former Wagner group trooper was reportedly stoned to death by four locals in Krasnodar, Russia, Newsweek reported.

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Their bodies were discovered after the incident, with two bodies retrieved from a riverbank on August 5.

No official reason was given for the two murders, although local media reports suggest Telegram channels were targeting the pair "extremely dangerous" former soldiers.

It was believed the pair had been involved in racketeering following their return from the frontlines.

An influx in violence toward former Wagner group soldiers comes as president Putin previously gave the green light for those serving on the frontlines to return to civilian life in Russia.

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