Ukrainian soldier has ‘swastika carved into his forehead by Russian captors’

A Ukrainian soldier reportedly had a swastika carved into his forehead after he was captured by Russian soldiers.

Doctors say the treatment of the man, known as Serhiy, reveals the brutal treatment endured by the Kyiv fighter. Ukrainian dermatologist Dr Olexandr Turkevich is currently treating the soldier who has returned to Ukraine.

He shared images of the injuries. He said: "These photographs….show what kind of creatures our men are dealing with at the front," said the medic.

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He added: "Serhiy had a swastika carved into his forehead by these pig-dogs….‌ He told how, when they cut his forehead, they said: 'If you were an Azov man, I would take you apart piece by piece…'."

‌The Azov assault brigade which played a key role in the defence of Mariupol – is seen by Russians as having far-right links or Nazi links.‌ Russian propaganda relentlessly pushes Vladimir Putin's twisted message that Ukraine is run by a Nazi government.

The swastika carved with a knife is "direct evidence" of genocide by the Russians, said Dr Turkevich. He was "infinitely proud" of the work he was able to do to remove the Nazi branding from the man's forehead.

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Previously the Daily Star reported how a Russian soldier has been graphically obliterated after running through a desolate body-strewn Ukrainian wasteland. The horrific footage was posted on Reddit, and was taken in the battered city of Avdiivka in Donetsk.

It shows two Russian soldiers slowly walking through what can only be described as a barren wasteland, with bodies seen everywhere. One soldiers seemingly stops to help a fallen comrade, but quickly leaves him and carries on walking. The pair stop by a bombed-out tree, for a quick rest.

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