Spain weather warning: Holiday hotspot on HURRICANE alert

BBC Weather: Gales and heavy rain forecast for UK

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According to El Tiempo, a tropical cyclone could be heading toward Spain. There are expected to be several storm systems with significant potential over the coming days. One storm formation is currently forming in the Atlantic Ocean.

If the storm forms fully, models indicate the system will move slowly to the northeast, then turn eastward and move more rapidly.

It would then acquire its maximum intensity by Tuesday, with forecasts indicating it could reach the characteristics of a category 1 hurricane.

The hurricane is expected to last from Tuesday until Thursday.

It is currently uncertain as to whether or not the cyclone will hit Spain, but weather models show that the tropical cyclone could approach the Iberian Peninsula by next Thursday.

If the storm moves to the northwest of Spain, there is likely to be a significant warm inrush with a southerly wind.

It would also cause strong winds and rough seas on the Atlantic coast of the country.

Rainfall associated with the system would also arrive, primarily in the northwest of the country.

Tourists visiting Spain have been warned they may be facing increasing exposure to Mediterranean storms, known as medicanes.

Oceanographer and weather expert Yurima Celdran told Metro: “Higher Mediterranean temperatures provide a greater source of energy for medicanes and amplify their destructivity.

“Sea temperatures this autumn are expected to be higher than normal and if the necessary atmosphere conditions are in place, it would not be unreasonable to think the Mediterranean could harbour a medicane this year.”

Meanwhile, marine ecologist Carlos Duarte told Spanish newspaper El Mundo: “The highest and most imminent risk this year of this wave of marine heat is that the Mediterranean is very warm, and when it cools down in autumn, can lead to extreme episodes of stormy weather.

“In some places medicanes could occur, which may be more intense than what we’ve experienced up to now.”

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Europe has experienced several extreme weather events throughout the summer.

Last month, massive storms on the Continent killed at least 13 people in Italy, Austria and France.

Authorities said hurricane-force winds of up to 136 mph smashed through Corsica, where at least six people were killed, including a 13-year-old girl.

Meanwhile, in Austria, two children were among five people to die in storms.

And in Italy, falling trees killed a man and a woman in two separate incidents in Tuscany.

This comes after the Continent saw unusually hot and dry weather throughout the Summer, causing wildfires and drought.

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