Russia’s Solovyov ramps up vitriol as he savaged ‘suicidal’ NATO

Russia: 'It's time to start punishing' warns Vladimir Solovyov

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Russia TV host Vladimir Solovyov has called NATO “suicidal” after linking Ukraine’s western allies to the explosion which severed Russia’s bridge to Crimea on Saturday. Solovyov launched into a furious tirade on his pro-Kremlin talk show, calling for the Russian military to retaliate. 

Mr Solovyov told Russian state TV: “They understand that the Crimea bridge has to be destroyed in order to cut off our troops from reliable, stable deliveries of equipment and arms.

“It is clear that Ukraine’s advance on Kherson will follow, and an attempt to split our ground forces in two, to wedge in between Zaporizhzhia and Enerhodar.

“They are acting according to NATO regulations.

“They are NATO mercenaries, they’re acting by the book.”

He added: “As for us, when are we going to start fighting?

“You know, they already consider us a global villain so let them see us as a villain.

“It’s better to be feared than to be laughed at.

“On the other hand, many western politicians, including Americans, understand what can come out of this suicidal inclination to tease the Russian bear.”

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“Enough of drawing the red lines. It’s time to start punishing, in the harshest way,” he continued.

“Those who are weak get a beating.”

On Monday, several explosions rocked the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and the cities of Lviv, Ternopil and Dnipro, after Russia accused Ukraine of orchestrating a powerful blast that damaged a key bridge linking Russia and Crimea.

Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne quoted emergency services as saying there were dead and wounded in Kyiv but gave no further details of casualties.

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“Several explosions in the Shevchenskivskyi district – in the centre of the capital,” Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko Klitschko said on the Telegram messaging app. “Details later.”

Explosions were also reported in Lviv, Ternopil and Zhytomyr in Ukraine’s west, and in Dnipro in central Ukraine.

Russia abandoned an early advance on Kyiv in the face of fierce resistance bolstered by Western arms.

Since then Moscow and its proxies have focused on the south and Donbas, an eastern territory made up of Luhansk and its neighbour Donetsk, deploying overwhelming artillery in some of the heaviest ground fighting in Europe since World War Two.

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