Russian troops ‘struggling to adapt’ amid long-range missile blitz

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Ukrainian “precision missiles” have thrown the enemy into “considerable dismay,” according to Whitehall sources. And the UK officials now “hope and expect” its soldiers to succeed in their Kherson mission. It was the first city Putin’s men occupied after their February invasion. But the Ukrainians are attacking in a “sensibly limited” way to avoid being stretched too thin.

The supply of Western arms has allowed them to target bridges, ammunition stores and key pieces of logistical equipment deep behind Russia’s frontline.

Western officials vowed on Friday to “absolutely guarantee” continued arming Kyiv as it carries on with its slow counteroffensive.

They said the push “won’t end the war” but will be significant due to the importance of Kherson.

It will also show Moscow is a “long way from having the war go its way”.

An official added: “I don’t think we should be anticipating gigantic breakthroughs which completely change the picture…The signs are good at the moment.”

Two hundred miles from Kherson, International Atomic Energy Agency chief Rafael Grossi said the “physical integrity” of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station had been “violated” by shelling.

Grossi revealed he was able to tour the whole site and talked to residents and the plant’s Ukrainian staff.

Ukrainian state-owned operator Energoatom accused Russia of spreading “manipulative and false information about the visit”.

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