Russian tank driver tells wife he wants to ‘get rid’ of commander

Ukrainian troops capture Russian howitzer's

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According to a new intercepted conversation, released by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, Vladimir Putin’s men are dissatisfied with the indifference and incompetence of their leaders. The intercepted conversation, which the ministry shared on Telegram yesterday, captures the moment a Russian tank soldier told his wife about how his comrades-in-arms were injured due to a Ukrainian drone dropping a grenade.

The soldier adds that his comrades were left without their commander because he was hiding in a basement. One of the soldiers involved was a mechanic, while another acted as a tank commander and gunner.

The soldier on the phone also complained about the state of the tank. He said it was no longer able to fire because a shell had got stuck in its gun barrel.

He added he was worried that the shell may explode and draw the attention of Ukrainian artillery. The Russian serviceman also admitted that he would probably be sent to the front line, but neither he nor his colleagues wanted to go there.

He said: “Well, in short, everyone wants to get rid of the commander, the whole battalion. All the crews (want to) get rid of him, all the companies, because he’s stupid, he’s an artilleryman, he’s not a tankman, and he doesn’t care about the men.”

According to the soldier the commander does not care about the wounded or the dead. The commander also did not report the losses to headquarters, the soldier said.

The Ukrainian counter-offensive continues.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army has kept hold of the strategically significant Antoniviskyi bridge and other crossings along the Dnipro River in the Kherson region. The city of Kherson and its surrounding areas have become the site of the most intense fighting in recent weeks for its importance to Russia solidifying its grip on southern parts of Ukraine.

By maintaining control of the river crossings, Ukrainian troops are able to stem the flow of supplies to Putin’s forces. A counter-offensive has also been launched in the Kharkiv region.

Most recently, the occupying administration in the town of Kupiansk in the region has announced an “evacuation”.

Its head, Vitaliy Ganchev, said in a video message: “As of today, the situation in the town of Kupiansk forced us to prepare for an evacuation.”

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Ukrainian partisans in Russian-occupied areas are also in the process of taking out key targets. Explosives and car bombs have been used to target Russian officials in Kherson, and have been placed at their homes and routes to work, as well as near administrative buildings.

A key target the resistance has repeatedly tried to take down has been Vladimir Saldo, the head of the Russian temporary administration in the region. A bounty of 1million hryvanias (just under £24,000) has been placed on the official.

His assistant Pavel Slobodchikov, has been shot and killed in his vehicle, while another official Dmytry Savluchenko was killed by a car bomb.

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