Royal tests positive for Covid days after attending Queen’s funeral

Denmark's Queen Margrethe has tested positive for Covid after the funeral of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth II.

Upon her return to Fredensborg following the service, the 82-year-old royal discovered her positive test, just days after the Westminster Abbey service.

She has been forced to cancel all of her plans while she recovers from the infection, just a week after she celebrated 50 years of being on the throne.

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Margrethe is the last serving Queen in Europe and is expected to wait out her isolation in Fredensborg Palace, the autumn residence of the Danish Royal Family.

Royal expert Gert Daly took to Twitter to discuss the news.

She said: "Queen Margrethe of Denmark (82) has tested positive for Coronavirus.

"She had cancelled her official engagements for this week. Queen Margrethe was at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and committal service, along with the reception at Buckingham Palace the day before."

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will take her place in her royal duties in the meantime.

This includes a reception at Christianborg Castle on Friday for members of the European Parliament and the Danish government.

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The Crown Prince and Princess were also at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, as were some 500 foreign dignitaries and heads of state.

Celebrations for the golden jubilee of Queen Margrethe were scaled back following news of the death of the Queen of Great Britain.

Ms Daly continued on Twitter: "We have not yet heard of any other royals attending the event getting Covid.

"At the funeral Queen Margrethe sat at the end of the row, next to her son Crown Prince Frederik. At the Committal Service she was also at the end of the row, next to King Carl Gustaf of Sweden."

The ceremony is expected to have been watched by billions worldwide, with some 2,000 people packed into Westminster Abbey to watch the events unfold in person.

Among the 2,000 were 200 members of the British general public. 17 of those individuals were awarded the Victoria or Geroge Crosses, the highest accolades available to members of the British military.

Also part of the 200 were members of the NHS who played a front line role in the fight against Covid, including the nurse who administered the UK's first vaccination against the disease.

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