Phantom pooer dumping on doorsteps of tourist hotspot homes in dead of night

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    Folk in a tourist hotspot are down in the dumps thanks to a phantom pooer.

    A night-stalker is touring the streets of the popular rural market town Hebden Bridge leaving deposits on doorsteps.

    The same person is also believed to be relieving themselves on benches beside the Rochdale Canal in the town and on the steps of businesses premises.

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    And locals have taken to the town’s Facebook page to try and unmask the culprit.

    One person said: “Posting this with the hope that the culprit(s) will see this. Please can whoever is taking a dump in and around Hebden please either bag it or bury it.

    “Not only is this vile but really dangerous to dogs. “

    Another added: “It will be Danny Doorstepper from Todmorden. He’s notorious for it. Not sure of his real name but he has a reputation for crapping in doorways.”

    Bob added: “So the alfresco sh**ter has broadened their area from Todmorden? Or is this a new one? I must confess it’s a very Hebden Bridge thing to do. Probably a protest against neoliberal sewer systems.”

    Another added: “Same thing on the stone tow path bench between stubbing wharf and callis bridge.”

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    And yet another resident told us: “It’s the talk of the town. Quite a few people have woken to find unpleasant piles in front of their doors.”

    Hebden Bridge is a magnet for tourists due to its rural location in the Pennines and it is also famed for its arty and trendy reputation.

    The West Yorkshire town has suffered a similar plight in the past when a nocturnal visitor from the neighbouring town of Todmorden was blamed for the night-time outrages.


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