People are saying same thing about Rishi Sunak and unlikely TV star lookalike

The new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has only been officially in power for a few minutes, but the list of celebs he has been compared to is getting longer by the second.

After his victory speech yesterday (October 24), the 42-year-old was likened to Will from his show Inbetweeners.

And now he has been compared to actor and author Stephen Mangan – with the man himself enjoying poking fun at the situation previously.

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The comparison started to gain traction on social media just hours after Sunak was announced as the winner of the race to become leader of the Conservative Party, and thus taking over from wet lettuce Liz Truss as the new Prime Minister.

One person on Twitter posted: “I have desperately been trying to work out why the new British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak looked familiar to me (an Aussie).

“He is a dead ringer for Stephen Mangan.”

And another tweeted: “Does anyone else feel Rishi Sunak looks like brown Stephen Mangan?

“Who really might not appreciate this tweet at all?”

The comparison was first pointed out in July, with Mangan taking aim at himself at the time – it was during the first Tory leadership election race after Boris Johnson stood down.

Mangan, alongside a picture of himself and Rishi Sunak looking very similar, tweeted: “Colleagues are IMPLORING us to stand.

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“We are considering our options and will act solely in the best interests of the country.”

The tweet is still making people laugh on social media nearly four months on, as one person quote tweeted it today and said: “I had to dig this one out, just for the giggles.”

Mangan has been tweeting recently about his political ambitions.

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After former Home Secretary Suella Braverman resigned from her cabinet role last week, Managan hinted about his potential ambitions.

He wrote: “Loved my stint on #Pointless.

“I had to leave, though, to become the next Home Secretary.”

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