Owner of Lamborghini whose car was covered in ketchup sends £250 bill

Put your Heinz up! Owner of £140K Lamborghini whose supercar was covered in tomato ketchup by kid pranksters sends their parents £250 bill for clean-up

  • A boy squirted the condiment on the  Lamborghini Huracan as a dare
  • The owner says he hopes the bill will teach the group a valuable lesson

The owner of a £140,000 Lamborghini whose supercar was coated in tomato ketchup by child pranksters tracked the kids down and sent their parents a £250 clean-up bill.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, caught the condiment attack on CCTV whilst the luxury Lamborghini Huracan was parked safely on the driveway at his home in Poringland, Norfolk.

A group of children were filmed wandering the street with a ketchup bottle, with one of them squirting sauce over it in a suspected dare.

After sharing the CCTV footage on social media the kids were quickly identified by residents.

The £140,000 Lamborghini covered in ketchup. A group of naughty kids were filmed wandering the street with a bottle of the condiment, and one of them squirted the vehicle in a suspected dare

The angry car owner then sent the parents a £250 clean-up bill, claiming the prank had damaged the paint work.

He sent the bill for the 5.2 litre vehicle, outlining that the cleaning work must be done by a professional valeting and detailing company.

The owner of the swanky two-door sports car said: ‘It was the potential damage caused to the paintwork due to the acidity in ketchup.

‘The problem was that the ketchup was squirted all into the engine bay.

‘I sent the parents the bill and it has now been paid.’

Pictured, stock image of the Lamborghini Huracan 

The owner added that he hopes the bill will teach the group a valuable lesson.

Prices for the Lamborghini Huracan start at a whopping £164,000 in the UK. And it is no surprise that the vehicle costs so much as it has an acceleration of 0 to 62 mph  at 2.9 to 3.5 seconds.

While this model is not rare – Lamborghini sells 2600 Huracans a year – this particular make is the car manufacturer’s most commercially successful car, ever. 

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