North Korea launches ballistic missile as Japan issues urgent warning

North Korea has reportedly launched a ballistic missile toward’s the country’s eastern waters.

According to officials in South Korea, the launch was made on Wednesday morning. The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff gave no more details about the launch.

Meanwhile, the Japan Coast Guard issued an alert and warned vessels to avoid “falling objects,” reports The Mirror.

Officials said in their alert: “A possible ballistic missile was launched from North Korea, according to the Ministry of Defense.

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“Vessels should pay attention to future information, and if they find falling objects, do not approach and report relevant information to the Japan Coast Guard.”

The reported missile launch came just a day after North Korea threatened “shocking consequences” towards the United States. It came after what it said was a U.S. spy plane’s reconnaissance activity near its territory.

The United States and South Korea dismissed the North’s accusations and urged it to refrain from any acts or rhetoric that raises animosities.

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