New giant super powerful solar storm could be a threat to planet Earth

The fate of planet Earth could hang in the balance after NASA scientists spotted a super powerful giant solar storm heading towards us.

Last month, NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory spotted the huge sunspot lurking on the out heat source.

And it was so big that it actually changed the way the sun vibrates, the Hindustan Times reports.

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However, as the spot moved its way around the Sun and faced Earth it spontaneously exploded and has left a massive sunspot facing Earth.

The experts at Space Weather explained: "It is a large sunspot, some three times wider than Earth, and is surrounded by a bright froth of magnetic tubulence.

"Since May 16, it has been relatively quiet, gathering strength for the next eruption."

It is thought that the storm is the largest one created in at least six years, but nobody is quite sure how it could impact on us.

One school of thought claims that it could known out satellites which control GPS, mobile networks and event our internet.

Another claim is that power grids could be destroyed, with mobile phone batteries getting fried.

However, NASA has not commented on the worrying developments, nor has it hinted at when – if at all – the solar storm made as a result of the explosion could find its way to Earth.

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Something that is coming to Earth, however, is a mega asteroid.

And it is as tall as 85 Ryan Reynolds.

Given the catchy name of 2023 GY2 by NASA's top scientists, the big space rock has been placed on the list of Near Earth Objects by the experts.

This means it will crash into our orbit, and is scheduled to do so on May 22.

Travelling at a speed of 11.33 km/s, the asteroid measures around 160 metres in diametre, which we've worked out is roughly the same as sticking 85 Ryan Reynolds one on top of the other.

The co-owner of AFC Wrexham and Hollywood megastar measures around 1.88 metres, and 85 of him would probably cause significant damage if slammed into Earth's orbit.

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