Mystery as 5 decapitated heads are found in cooler boxes with chilling note | The Sun

FIVE decapitated heads were found stuffed inside cooler boxes along with chilling notes as cartel wars continue to rage in Mexico.

Police were alerted to a box containing a severed head in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas on October 6.

Also inside was a threatening blood-soaked message from the Gulf Cartel (CDG) that was signed: 'CDG Operativa Torres'.

The red box was spotted next to a dismembered body wrapped in cloth by a motorist traveling on Los Leones Boulevard.

When the cooler was opened they found more dismembered remains with partially removed skin alongside the head of a male.


Woman’s head found in cooler after 2 decapitated bodies discovered in same town

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The message inside was addressed to the Ministry of National Defense and suggested the gang should be left to continue their criminal activities.

It read: "This problem of ours isn't against any of you guys.

"The chaos that went down in Mirador was done by those morons from the Cartel del Noreste. 

"They want to do more than just kill innocent civilians, families, steal, and terrorize citizens.

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"Please allow us to do our work at night in order to finish off these filthy individuals.

"All 'Sedena' troops will be respected. And this will be the fate of every dirty individual who is fucking up here. 

"Sincerely, 'CDG' Operativa Toros."

It is thought the group could be referring to the body of a woman being discovered in Tijuana – she was found hanging from the El Mirador bridge.

A few days later on October 9, the Cartel Del Noreste issued its own chilling warning, dumping a cooler box with four severed heads inside.

The cooler was discovered on the Ribereña highway near the exit to Poblado Los Guerra. 

Local paper, El Manana, reported that the remains belonged to rival cartel members who had apparently been kidnapped, tortured and executed.

They responded: "…More jobs done like this are needed. 

"We don't mess with innocent civilians or soldiers. Whereas you guys are cowards who happen to have corrupt troops on your payroll. 

"Much like Captain Malaga who sells out the Northeast Cartel operatives with those f****t Gulf Cartel members. 

It also appeared to be addressed to the rival gangs leader.

They added: "Primito, I've left your mechanic in pieces here for you. Everyone in Reynosa needs to be on their f*****g toes because La Cabra has everything up for sale."

An investigation is now being carried out Expert Services Unit of the State Attorney General's Office.

On August 11, the Sun reported that a woman's head was found inside a cooler box in a town plagued by warring cartel members.

It came after two decapitated corpses were also discovered in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Locals stumbled across a Unicel cooler next to a public park in the early hours of Sunday morning before realising its gruesome contents.

They immediately notified authorities before cops confirmed it was a human head.

A threatening message – written on fluorescent cardboard and soaked with blood – was also found in the box, according to local news.

Miguel Aleman is a municipality in the Frontera Chica region, near the Texas border.

The area is believed to be controlled by the Gulf Cartel – Los Metros but it is contested by the Cartel Del Noreste.

The two rival gangs have been fighting for control of the area since March 2010.

Back in January 2021, nineteen charred bodies were found after the CDN entered the town of Santa Anita looking for the leader of the CDG.

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It is believed they assigned the group before burning their remain in an abandoned vehicle.

Mexico's drug wars are believed to be responsible for around 300,000 deaths since 2006, involving some of the most appalling torture and depravity imaginable.

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