Mass shooters are ‘highly sexually frustrated,’ new study claims

Mass shooters are “heavily sexually repressed,” a new study has found.

And a direct link between just how sexually repressed they are and the number of fatalities during a shooting has also been found.

The shock new study comes from the University of Alabama's Adam Lankford and William Paterson University's Jason Silva.

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Having analysed several mass shootings between 1966 and 2021, the pair found that some of those who committed the horrific acts either just wanted to have sex or were “lusting” over unavailable partners.

And some even had “illegal urges” that they were unable to satisfy.

They found: “Quantitative analyses indicated that compared to other mass shooters, sexually frustrated perpetrators were more frequently young, male, unmarried, childless, and unemployed.

“Mass killings by people who claim to be involuntarily celibate – also known as 'incels' – have received a tremendous amount of attention in recent years, and they appear to be a growing threat

“They were also more likely to be misogynistic, sex offenders and fame-seekers, and their attacks killed significantly more female victims.”

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The pair found that around one-third of those behind public shootings in the United States had these sexual issues, with some even expressing interest in underage children.

Speaking about the report to Psypost, they said: “There is no single factor that explains why someone commits a mass shooting, but sexual frustration can help explain why some men who are not struggling to survive in any literal sense – they’re not starving, homeless, or desperately poor – are so dissatisfied with their lives.”

The experts offered some advice as to how this issue could be solved.

They said: “Concerted efforts to reduce toxic masculinity and provide better guidance to young men could help reduce this threat.”

As of May 7, 2023, there have been 202 mass shootings in the United States this year.

The deadliest took place in Monterey Park, California where 12 people were killed after Lunar New Year celebrations in January.

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