Inside abandoned 18th century theatre ‘frozen in time’ that became a bingo hall

A group of intrepid urban explorers have lifted the lid on what an 18th century British theatre that became a bingo hall looks like after decades of decay.

The group, who call themsleves UK Urbex, broke into The Theatre Royal, a replacement of an earlier theatre which sat there from 1790 until 1904, and which opened in 1905, bringing live entertainment to Halifax, West Yorkshire.

It lies dormant, frozen in time, with some of its original 1700's features hidden amongst the many rooms inside the stunning building.

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Yorkshire Live reported that the 1,900-seat auditorium is believed to have been over four levels, but it was refurbished in April 1937 and turned into a two-tier 2,200-seat cinema auditorium.

In the late 1960's the cinema sadly closed and the building became a bingo hall, until the 1990’s, when it closed for good.

And Urbex have shown what state it's in now after they shared footage and images inside the once bustling theatre and cinema.

Footage shows what is believed to be old cinema seats, that were hidden when the building was converted into a nightclub/bingo hall, they now sit empty, covered in dust and cobwebs.

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There is also two old cigarette machine in the building nestled between the rubbish and abandoned furniture.

A stage, original features – such as tiles, lighting and décor – also sit entwined in the many rooms and tiers of the building, with stairs leading you to all the different hidden rooms, that all have unique or original feature from when the cinema first opened in 1904.

UK Urbex also said they believe the cinema was a nightclub for a brief period of time.

You can watch the full video and visit UK Urbex YouTube page to see more explores here.

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