I felt sick after spotting dozens of SPIDERS in Poundland cologne – they made it even worse with offer to make it right | The Sun

A MAN got the shock of his life when he spotted dozens of ‘spiders’ inside his bottle of Poundland cologne.

Oliver Hussey, 25, said his skin crawled when he realised that hiding inside his Paco Rabanne copy King In Million, which he purchased for a quid, was loads of red insects.

The normal bottle, one of the most popular colognes on the market, retails for £96.

Its equally popular Poundland copy has made headlines for just how similar the scent is to the original aftershave.

The bottle was bought at the West Molesey store in Surrey.

“I must have used the bottle about four or five times before I noticed the little red insects,” Oliver said.

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“I had used it just before work in the morning and when I realised, I shook the bottle and saw at least 20 of these little things.

“I couldn’t believe it. If I had known, I definitely wouldn’t have sprayed it.

“I must have showered for four days straight after I realised.

“I contacted Poundland who asked if I could send it to them for tests.

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“It took months before they got back to me and then they only offered us a voucher.”

A Poundland customer rep admitted to Oliver they found insects in the bottle.

“[Our supplier] have advised an insect has got inside the bottle during transportation. The glass bottles are sterilised and cleaned prior to filling but unfortunately this insect remained inside.

“This is a unique incident and not one experienced by the factory previously. They are increasing inspection methods and are sorry this happened.

“We would be happy to pop you a voucher in the post by way of an apology.”

He and his partner Dani said that a voucher was not acceptable form of compensation as an insect inside a product “creates a significant health risk, as it can lead to infection and other health complications”.

But the Poundland rep said that if the couple were not happy with the voucher, then they could send communication via their legal team.

They said they would be taking the matter to Trading Standards if Poundland does not agree to a better form of compensation.

While the budget supermarket declined to give them the report from the lab, it appears the insects were spider mites.

Also known as the two-spotted mite, but known for their orange-red colouring in colder months and their similar look to spiders.

While they are most often spotted in cracks in windowsills, these 0.5mm bugs can breed all year round if the temperature stays above 12ºC.

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Most perfume bottles are kept in temperatures of between 15 and 20°C.

Poundland have been contacted for comment.

What is a spider mite?

  • The tiny red spiders are sap-sucking pests called spider mites.
  • Most commonly found on plants, the 0.5mm creepy-crawlies can cause problems in the greenhouse or to house plants.
  • The most common spider mite in the UK is red, also known as the two-spotted mite.
  • For most of the year, they are a pale green colour with two dark spots on their back, but in autumn and winter they turn orange-red and may be spotted in cracks in windowsills and in our homes, as they look for places to hibernate.
  • Spider mites thrive in hot, dry conditions so life in the greenhouse or a centrally-heated home suits them perfectly.
  • If the temperature stays above 12ºC, red spider mites can breed all year round.

How can I get rid of spider mites?

  • The best way to tackle spider mites is to stop it reproducing.
  • Improve air circulation and boost levels of humidity by misting plants with tepid water and standing bowls of water on the benches between plants.
  • Damping down the floor of your greenhouse with water will also help increase humidity.

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