Harry ‘angry’ and ‘personality-free’ without Meghan by his side – expert

An expert has said Prince Harry appeared "angry" during a solo appearance without wife Meghan.

While the Duke of Sussex was joined by Meghan in Dusseldorf for the launch of the Invictus Games 2023 earlier in the day on Tuesday, he showed an apparent change in behaviour when he later went solo.

After appearing with Meghan for a walkabout, he went on to make a solo performance at a later press conference.

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Judi James, a body language expert, claimed that Harry had "two visible body language states” based on when he was accompanied by his wife and on his own.

James noticed that Harry seemed dour looking and subdued during his individual appearance compared to how he was able to “relax and to use flashes of his old humour in his delivery” when posing for selfies with Meghan.

"His body language is subdued, and his techniques are way below his normal range. He seems to cling to his notes for security, even running his thumb down them as though trying to keep his place.

"The speech is 'personality-free', with a greeting that is not aimed at the audience followed by him reading heavily, keeping his eyes down and only sporadically looking up with what looks like a wary and unsmiling facial expression,” she said.

Key signs that Judi James noticed was “the tightness of his lips” and the “glaring eye stare” that made him “look angry”.

Prior to Harry’s speech, the couple seemed to be in high spirits as they greeted fans and posed for selfies.

James noted that this walkabout is like to “trigger his days as a royal prince back in the UK and he seems to have a form of muscle memory when it comes to banter and making people laugh.

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"He also began one speech at the Town Hall with some words in German and gently worked the audience like the old days, too”.

The Sussexes have made a surprise trip back to the UK to attend events of charities close to their hearts.

On Monday (September 5), the couple attended the One Young World Summit and have now headed to Dusseldorf, Germany where the Invictus Games will be held next year.

The Invictus Games were launched by Prince Harry in 2014 as a sporting event for wounded servicemen and women as well as veterans.

The run up to the games is the subject of Heart of Invictus, the couple’s first Netflix project.

The Duke and Duchess plan to return to the UK briefly on Thursday for the WellChild Awards, a cause Prince Harry has championed as patron of the organisation.


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