Girl’s hair infested with ‘millions’ of lice has them removed in horror clip

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    This is the stomach-churning moment a little girl had thousands of lice and nits removed from her head after years of suffering.

    A haircare expert, who posts to social media on the account The Lice Angels, took to TikTok to share the horrific footage, leaving many internet users queasy.

    In the clip, the hair pro from Texas said: "This sweet little girl comes into our clinic and I start going through her hair and noticed that she had so many impacted eggs in her hair, as well as lice.

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    "She's had these lice in her hair for many years."

    As The Lice Angels zoomed in on the girl's head, hundreds of tiny critters could be seen crawling all over her scalp.

    The child's hair had become matted with clumps holding her strands together thanks to the humber of eggs that had been laid on her scalp.

    Fortunately for the youngster, the beautician took pity on her and performed the treatment for free.

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    Filming herself combing through the girl's wet hair, the lice expert manually removed all the lice and eggs, with the water coming out a dark brown colour from all the build-up.

    And one treatment wasn't enough – in fact, the girl had to go through four sets of treatment to get rid of the entire infestation.

    The gut-wrenching clip went viral, having amassed more than 10 million views at the time of writing.

    One person wrote: "Years… dear lord… thank you for helping her," while another chimed in: "I love that you’re helping this family. I’m sure it was difficult for them to come to you. Thank you for making this easier on them."

    "Not me itching my head right now," chimed in another.

    Another was more concerned for the girl's well-being, writing: "How does it get to this point? No judging but my kids have never had them that bad, first sign of an egg or lice and I'm on it."

    And a fifth added: "I've had to help someone get rid of lice before and let me tell you, it takes SO much time and energy. Thank you so much for doing this for her!!"

    Head lice are common among young children and can easily be passed to their families, according to the NHS.

    The bugs are spread by head-to-head contact and, contrary to popular belief, don't prefer dirty heads to clean ones.

    Head lice, also known as nits, are brown or white and attached to the hair shaft while the insects themselves can be up to 3mm long.

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