BitKeep Ran a Video AMA with BirdWorld

The BirdWorld core team held the first video AMA in the official BitKeep telegram community at 7:00 pm on April 6th PST, Bird World was open to millions of BitKeep fans, and fans responded enthusiastically. Marcos, the founder of BirdWorld, has rich experience in cryptocurrency business in North America. He brought Matt, the co-founder and advisor, and Hamza, the senior engineer of the technical team, to introduce the progress of the project.

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Marcos separately introduced the tokenomics design of the project, the tokenomics design of dual-token, with a total supply of 400 million LAB governance tokens and LAN game tokens, and emphasized that 35% of the tokens will be systematically rewarded to all participating game players.

Matt, co-founder of Bird World, an investor in cryptocurrency projects with more than ten years of experience, introduced the project roadmap into three phrases. The first phrase is the early platforms development and IDO, and the second phrase is marketing and launching the game. He mentioned that the game will support PC, Android, and IOS devices. The third phrase is to improve the competition system in the game, organize multi-lingual social networking, and gradually build an unique VR metaverse. Then he explained that the IDO situation of the project to everyone. Also, he said that the information that currently can be disclosed publicly is the Series A Round and Series B Round have raised 700,000 and 1.8 million US dollars, and the most are early continue investors. He states that the project is expected to start the Series C Round of financing on April 10.

Hamza, a senior engineer from Bird World, has participated in several cryptocurrency development projects, especially developing GameFi projects on FPS and solutions. He added that the project will launch a testnet next month or next two months. He states that the team use unique matching algorithms to match gamers of the same game level, providing fair matches for all gamers. He hoped game players will have the courage to explore, improve the game together, and build a metaverse that belongs to everyone.


This content below is compiled from a conversation on BitKeep Telegram Group with Bird World founder Marcos talking to Bird World Co-Founder Matt and Bird World Senior Engineering Hamza for an in-depth look at their project.


Marcos: The first question will be “What are the unique team solution for blockchain games?”.

Hamza: I could answer this question. Hi everyone! I am Hamza, senior engineering from Bird World. I have typically many years’ experience on developing GameFi especially on FPS and solutions. Current status of blockchain games are facing these issues:

• Most “play-to-earn” games on the market focus more on the revenue side than the overall gameplay, at the expense of the user experience of the game user.

• Matches aren’t always fair. Big spenders compete with newcomers who spoil the experience for everyone. Pay-to-win users often appear at the top of the leaderboard, which discourages new users from investing time in the game.

• Not every sound can be heard. Gamers often don’t express opinions about what policies or changes should be made for their games. Ideas and suggestions from users are often ignored and almost never noticed.

• Most P2E games currently on the market lack scalability, sustainability, or a proper revenue stream. The user’s product life is short.

Our team uses a unique matching algorithm to match users of the same game level, providing fair matches for all users. Most games don’t allow users to participate in in-game updates and development. Games often have bugs that users want the developer to remove or correct. Implement an innovative DAO system to give users the best vote in game development and improvement.

Marcos: Thank you Hamza, the next question is “What is Bird World’s roadmap? “Matt, can you answer this for our community please.

Matt: Of course, I can explain that. Hi everyone. I am the advisor of Bird World and I had over 10 years’ experience on investment especially cryptocurrency projects. Our roadmap put into three phases. We are currently in the phase 1 and The Phase 1 are Bird Word Game Design & Art, Game development project plan, Server Configuration, Back End Development & Database Design, Website and official trailer, social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and more), IDO, list of exchanges.

Phase 2 are Markets, Introduce Daily Missions, Introduce Characters and Levels, Adventure States (PVE), Battles (PVP), Rankings, PC (Windows & Mac), Android & IOS.

Phase 3 are Guild System, The Guild Championships, Multilingual System, Social Networks, Metaverse, VR Game, Multiverse API.

It includes a lot of great developments that we have planned. As well as finishing off some of the planned developments.

Marcos: Yes, we are in planned developments. Thank you Matt, the next question is “What is Bird World’s tokenomics?” And I could answer this for you.

Marcos:We are in dual tokenomics design and total supply in 400 million; the first one is called LAB token, players can use this to purchase NFT characters or power-up levels and use it as governance token to gain voting rights in the DAO. Second one is called LAN token. Players can earn it in game by rewarding. This token could swap to LAB token or using it to get fun inside the game. All I remember that matter to players is 35% distribution will be for motivating users by distributing tokens through in-game events, daily missions, tournaments, and other events.

Marcos: The last question is “Does the team plan another funding round?” Matt can you answer this please?

Matt: Yes, we are already get funded 700 thousand dollars for the Series A round and one million and 800 thousand dollars from over 8000 early investors for the Series B round. And now we are preparing Series C round which will be start around April 10th. Keep it simple, based on my experience, this game is getting popular and early investors keep investing on every round since they know the opportunities. The ideal of bird world metaverse is such crazy and perfect for gamers and investors.

Marcos: Thanks Matt, what else would you like to share with? Hamza?

Hamza: Yes, the game is still in developing and we believe that the game could get on testnet soon. May be in a month or two. It really depends on the developing process, but we would like to offer you whitelist on testnet if it is possible. All early players could help us to improve the game by suggestion and experience which is all welcome to join. Our technology team looking forward your participation and thanks you all community members.

Marcos: Alright! Let’s finish this here. Thank you, Hamza and Matt. Thanks for Bitkeep community members! All Questions and your participation were great! Feel free to get our Bird World information through website or communities via Twitter, telegram, and discord. Thanks for all, have a great day!

Hamza: Thank you, bye!

Matt: Thanks you, bye bye!


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