Evil ‘Angel of Death’ nurse who murdered kids to inherit small fortune from dad

A sick nurse dubbed an 'Angel of Death' after she murdered four babies and seriously harmed many more has been left a £10,000 trust fund by her family who seemingly still believe she is innocent.

­Evil Beverley Allitt, 54, was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years after cops found her guilty of four murders and nine counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

But the beast is now eligible for parole decades after she killed seven-week-old Liam Taylor, 11-year-old Timothy Hardwick, two-month-old Becky Phillips and 15-month-old Claire Peck.

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It means she could access the cash left by her father Richard, who died in August this year.

Documents seen by The Mirror show 78-year-old Richard left a whopping £300,000 estate to his family before he passed away from a heart attack, including a £10,000 trust fund for his wicked daughter.

He wrote in his will: “While my daughter Beverley Gail Allitt is still alive, I want you to treat her as the main beneficiary of the trust so that if she needs money or wishes to receive money that she can do so as easily as possible.”

Whilst he threw his support behind his daughter as she awaited sentencing in 1993, saying in a statement at the time: “We have always had complete trust in her and still do.

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“We believe Beverley is innocent because we do not think she had it in her to do the things they say she did.

“She has always looked after babies in the village and lots of parents have trusted her with their children. They thought she was marvellous.”

Allitt is currently being held in Nottinghamshire’s Rampton Secure Hospital after medics declared she was a risk to herself, with it remaining unclear if she will be able to access the cash if she isn’t freed.

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