Driver left with 60 bullet wounds after being shot by police in bodycam footage

A graphic video from a police officer's body cam shows the moment eight Ohio cops fire a barrage of bullets at a bloke fleeing from a traffic stop as lawyers for his family claim the slaying was "unjustified".

The horrifying clip shows cops driving with their sirens blaring as they flagged down DoorDash driver Jayland Walker, 25, who pulled over and ran away from his vehicle.

Police are then seen chasing him before firing what could be more than 90 bullets, leaving him with 60 wounds, including shots to his face, torso and upper leg., Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett said on Sunday (July 3).

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The shooting, which took place on Monday (June 27), happened after Walker allegedly refused to stop by cops who were trying to get him to pull over for unspecified driving offences.

Police say Walker fired a gunshot from his car as he was being pursued before finally stopping his vehicle, getting out of the car in a ski mask and doing a runner.

They also claimed that he was turning toward officers, who believed he was preparing to shoot at them, when cops opened fire.

However, Mylett claims the victim was unarmed at the time of him running away, according to the New York Post.

But they did find a bullet casing, consistent with the gun Walker had, around the area where authorities believe he shot his weapon while driving.

The gun was recovered from the driver's seat of his car along with a loaded magazine and a gold wedding band that belonged to the victim's fiancée who died in an accident last month.

The police chief has since refused to say whether he believed the slaying was justified as he said that when a cop “makes the most critical decision in his or her life” and points a weapon at someone and fires, they have to explain “for every round down the barrel of a gun".

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan called the video “heartbreaking”, while a lawyer for Walker’s family has said the man was on the ground as cops continued to fire.

Bobby DiCello, the Walker family's lawyer, has since claimed that he was “very concerned” about the allegations that Walker had fired at officers as he claims there was no justification for this death.

He said: "They want to turn him into a masked monster with a gun. I ask you, as he’s running away, what is reasonable? To gun him down? No, that’s not reasonable.”

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The incident has since sparked protests from Black Lives Matter activists, prompting the urge from peace from the lawyer.

All of the involved officers are on paid administrative leave.

Reports say they are cooperating with the investigation, which is being conducted by the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation.


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