‘De-occupation is inevitable’ Zelensky taunts Putin as Ukraine edges closer to Kherson win

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An image shared by the Defence of Ukraine on Twitter shows Ukraine troops moving over a Russian soldier while the other one screams in shock – the art philosophy of Norwegian artist Edward Munch. Recently, Mr Zelensky said that his forces are advancing “step by step” into the occupied southern region of Kherson.

The Ukrainian President claimed that Russian military losses have climbed to nearly 40,000, adding that tens of thousands more were wounded and maimed.

However, his claim could not be independently verified.

Ukrainian attacks on a bridge in Kherson come as the bulk of the Russian forces are stuck in the fighting in Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland of Donbas where they have made slow gains in the face of ferocious Ukrainian resistance.

Kherson city fell to Russia early in the war and sits on a strategic location west of the Dnipro river.

On Saturday, UK defence officials reported heavy fighting near Kherson.

The Ukrainian advance meant that Russian supply lines west of the river were “increasingly at risk”, according to their assessment.

While sharing the art work on Twitter, the Defence of Ukraine tweeted: “The Scream from #Kherson. De-occupation is inevitable.”

Social media users praised the artistic work by the Ukrainian Government depicting the clear situation at Kherson.

A user, Victorward, tweeted: “Giving the screaming guy a hat with a red Soviet star is an inspired artistic touch.”

Another user Amaragraps tweeted: “I love Ukraine humour. ‘The Scream’, RU-De-occupation-of-Kherson-style.”

A third user, Mike Grubman, tweeted: “Following the attack on the Kherson bridge, Ukraine trolls Russia by channelling Edvard Munch.”

Earlier this month, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk urged Kherson residents to evacuate the city as soon as possible to avoid becoming trapped in the city during a counteroffensive in southern Ukraine.

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She told state TV: “It is necessary to do so for the Armed Forces of Ukraine not to endanger the civilian population during offensive operations.”

Russia captured Kherson with relatively little resistance early in the war, and the failure of Ukraine’s security service (SBU) to destroy crossing points over the Dnipro before fleeing the city is believed to have led to Mr Zelensky’s dismissal of the agency’s director Ivan Bakanov on Monday.

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