Dad of tot seen waving a GUN around on TV charged with child neglect

Father of toddler seen waving a HANDGUN around on live TV, pointing it at himself and pulling the trigger is charged with felony child neglect

  • Shane Osborne, 45, arrested for child neglect but could face further charges
  • Neighbors of Indiana dad caught footage on their doorbell cam and called police
  • Video shows the tot waving a loaded pistol shouting ‘pow pow’ 
  • The toddler only escaped unharmed because bullets were not in the chamber 

 The father of toddler seen waving a handgun in hall of apartment, pointing at himself and pulling the trigger is charged with felony child neglect – as it’s revealed cops asked the kid ‘Where did you put the Pew-Pew?’

Dad Shane Osborne, 45, could face even more charges because he is a felon, officers told the New York Post.

Heart-stopping footage released over the weekend showed the diaper-clad tot wandering around his apartment complex in Indiana carrying the loaded pistol, at one point even turning it onto himself and pulling the trigger. 

Fortunately, the child was not injured as the bullets were not chambered to the gun. 

Now police have revealed that they had to ask the child ‘where you put the Pew-Pew?’ as they arrived on the scnee.  

The video appeared on On Patrol: Live on Saturday and sparked an investigation by Beech Grove Police – a force located just outside Indianapolis which frequently appears on the show aired by REELZ.


Shane Osborne, 45, has been charged with child neglect but could face further charges, officer said

Neighbors witnessed the boy – who appears to be two or three years old – carrying the gun and shouting ‘pow pow pow!’ on their doorbell cam.

They called the police, and authorities quickly arrived to search the apartment where he lived with Osborne. 

Initially the dad told officers: ‘I don’t have a gun, I have never bought a gun into this house, if there is it’s my cousin’s.’

But a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol was found in the back of a desk drawer. 

Osborne told police his cousin was staying with him at the time his little boy was caught on camera with the weapon. 

Heart-stopping footage broadcast on Reelz show ‘On Patrol: Live’ shows the moment a toddler waved around his dad’s handgun, at one point turning it on himself 

In the clip the tot can be seen pulling the trigger on several occasions but was left unharmed because the bullets were not in the chamber 

Neighbors called the police after they spotted the boy carrying the pistol while shouting ‘pow, pow, pow’ 

In the clip, the young boy can be seen wearing a diaper and aimlessly wandering around the stairwell outside his closed apartment door and carrying the loaded pistol.

As he walked about, he could be seen pointing the gun at doors and in the air, and rapidly pulling the trigger as he went. 

The footage later shows the father taken from the apartment in handcuffs.

‘It’s almost incomprehensible what you’re watching,’ Beech Grove Deputy Police Chief Robert Mercuri said, according to WTHR.

‘I saw it the next day and even though I knew the outcome, as I’m watching the video, I was still scared. 

‘You find yourself catching your breath. I don’t know how you can’t watch that video, parent or non-parent and not be shocked and disturbed.’

The neighbor who called police said the small child ‘just kept going ‘pow, pow, pow, pow,’ according to the local news station.

Nicole Summers said: ‘He was standing in the middle of the hallway and he was just kind of holding it behind his back and I thought…like that’s a real gun. I sell guns for a living, so I know what a gun looks like.’

Two of the neighbors who saw the boy with the handgun in their hallway. They called the police

The woman whose security camera captured the boy with the gun in the building hallway

The child lives full time with his mother and is back with her following the incident. She said it was scary seeing her son with a gun, but insisted Osborne is a good father.

Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley said he appreciated how quickly cops worked to secure the kid and the gun.

He said: ‘As with all of you, I’m mortified at what took place and I’m so thankful that no one was hurt, especially the young child.’

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