Brit danger tourist says he will go to Iraq if ‘all out civil war’ breaks out

A barmy Brit who visited Afghanistan during the Taliban takeover before being rescued by the British government has said he'll go to Iraq in the event of "full blown civil war" amid rising tensions in the country.

At least 22 people have died since controversial Shiite leader Muqtada Al-Sadr announced his retirement from politics, with his supporters storming the country's government palace in Baghdad.

Al-Sadr supporters are still protesting on the streets, where there are continuing clashes with security services.

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And Miles Routledge, a 22-year-old danger tourist from Birmingham, said he'll fly to the country if there's an all out civil war.

"If full on war breaks out then yes, if it's just a brief protest, then no," he told the Daily Star when asked if he was serious about flying to the war torn nation after he tweeted his intention to do so.

Asked whether it would be his most dangerous location yet, having visited Kazakhstan during a protest, Afghanistan three times and also taking a cheap rubber dinghy to the Isle of Wight from mainland UK, he said yes.

"But I also think it would be the most fun," he added.

He also revealed his intentions to drive from a refugee camp in Kenya to South Sudan, in a bid to reunite an 18-year-old with his brother in Uganda.

The former physics student at Loughborough University said: "I have a plan to get a 18-year-old kid a passport so he can attend university and reunite with his brother in Uganda.

"He's stuck in the refugee camp until he can get a passport but is scared to go back into South Sudan because of the ethnic war, hence why he fled with his family."

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He said he has submitted his visa to the appropriate embassies and plans to fly in mid September.

Routledge recently turned heads when he bought a rug depicting the 9/11 attacks on his most recent trip to Afghanistan.

When asked by the Daily Star what he would say to those who call the rug insensitive, Mr Routledge said: "I'd simply ask them to reach out so I can help them get the visa to Afghanistan so they can complain to the Taliban in person."

He claimed it doesn't glorify the attack because it was made "by Afghan women to tell a story of a historical event."


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