Brit bare knuckle boxer Decca Heggie faces deportation as he gives ‘last video’

Brit bare-knuckle boxer Decca Heggie could be deported from the Phillippines back to the UK.

Derek “Decca” Heggie, from Montrose, Angus, could be sent home after details of his criminal past came to light. The champion-turned-actor was paraded on TV alongside a criminal from the US with authorities celebrating that they would be removed.

The 40-year-old star has over the years faced battles with addiction and mental health but rose to fame as part of film The Corrupted. The movie featured established names Timothy Spall, Hugh Bonneville and Scot David Hayman. Now, in darker times he faces being uprooted, an announcement he made in a tearful final address on his YouTube channel. He said: “This is going to be my last video for a while. They’ve got me detained for three months in the detention centre. I’m going to get out as soon as possible.”

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Heggie rose to prominence through controversial means, working his way up the illegal bare-knuckle fighting world. He eventually became a British Champion, earning thousands for his trouble.

The Philippine Bureau of Immigration has since claimed that Heggie is a wanted fugitive in the UK, although as per theDaily Record,no approach has been made by the British government.

The Phillippines also wrongly said that he was wanted for child sex crimes in the UK.

According to the outlet, a UK-based source said: “The material emerging from the Philippines does not tally with the detainee’s record in the UK. There are no charges relating to child sex crimes currently on file. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration will regularly deport people they deem to be undesirable and Heggie possibly falls into this bracket.”

BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco said of Heggie and an American held at the same time: “They will be deported after our board of commissioners issues the orders for their summary deportation, after which they will be included in our immigration blacklist to prevent them from re-entering the country.”

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