Brazen delivery driver caught taking parcel pic by door and walking off with it

A woman has caught a delivery driver on CCTV walking away with her parcel without attempting to knock on her door.

Helen Claire was frustrated when she realised her parcel had not arrived and decided to check on her security camera at home.

Sharing what she saw in the footage on TikTok, she called it "the moment you realise Hermes 'attempted delivery' isn't delivering your parcel".

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However, Hermes, now known Evri, told the Daily Star it did not have information that the man was one of their drivers.

The worker, who wears a blue polo shirt, walks to the driveway and places a large paper box in front of the door at Helen's house.

Instead of ringing the doorbell or knocking the door, he takes his phone out and snaps a quick shot of the parcel.

The man then picks up the box and walks back to his vehicle.

Helen was frustrated and said she had to make a complaint for them to deliver again.

She explained: "My parcel was basically meant to come for my daughters birthday, and a week later it said it wasn’t with us , when I rang they then did this and said they attempted delivery but we weren't in.

"But I sent them the CCTV and he came back the next day and actually delivered it."

Viewers were left scratching their heads, with one asking: "What did he achieve by doing this?"

Another commented: "At this point, you've walked all the way up the drive, is it surely not less effort to just knock and deliver it?"

A third added: "This happened to me once, the reason they do it is to show it doesn’t fit through the letter box and your not in and no safe place."

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"This is why whenever I buy something, I always wait at the door as the driver’s coming," a viewer shared.

Daily Star has contacted Evri for comment and a spokesperson said they do not have details to prove it's an Evri delivery.


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