Bible bombshell as bloody siege prophecy foretold by Jesus is ‘proven true’

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Evidence of a bloody siege carried out by Romans destroying a temple in Jerusalem as prophesised by Jesus in the Bible has been unearthed.

According to scripture, Jesus had visited the Second Temple in Jerusalem and said: "Not one stone here will be left on another, every one will be thrown down."

Just decades after his death, the prophecy was apparently fulfilled, with evidence found suggesting future Roman emperor Titus had destroyed the temple during the crushing of a Jewish rebellion in 70AD.

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Experts have found proof of the siege, finding stones used to topple Jerusalem's walls before Romans had destroyed the temple in a bloody "four-month siege".

Kfir Arbiv of the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) said: "The Temple was destroyed after a four-month siege. The Romans had a well-trained massive army, equipped with the best military innovations of their day. It was a ruthless war machine.

"With the help of the computer, I located all the ballista exactly where they were found. I took into account the local topography and the location of the Second Temple-period city fortification walls.

"And I made ballistic calculations, including the launching angle, and the throwing distance of the stones."

Experts also discovered where Roman artillery was located and the exact spot of the city's breached defences.

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Jesus prophesised the destruction of the temple in the Gospels of Mark and Luke, with the new finds showing the "extremely harsh battles" that led to the destruction of the Second Temple.

Eli Eskosido, Director of the IAA, said: "The physical evidence of the huge resources employed by the Roman army in Jerusalem reflect the extremely harsh battles that eventually led to the destruction of the Second Temple.

"Notwithstanding the internal factions and the impossible odds, a small group of Jewish defenders held off the Romans for a few months until the tragic destruction of the city.

"The use of up-to-date research methods reveals more and more of the fascinating history of Jerusalem."

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