Jeremy Kyle erupts at Labour MP as he warns Starmer shot himself in foot with holiday away

Jeremy Kyle clashes with Jonathan Reynolds over Keir Starmer

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Jeremy Kyle demanded to know where the Labour leader was and why Sir Keir had not managed to cut through with the public and offer an alternative to the “zombie” Government of Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party. The radio host listed the numerous crises facing Britain from NHS waiting lists to petrol costs, suggesting the Labour leader had gone missing during a golden opportunity to convince voters he is an alternative Prime Minister. 

TalkTV’s Kyle stated  “The Labour Party was the party for the people in the party that listen, would that be fair enough?

“Then answer me one question, with a government on its backside, a Prime Minister, a caretaker Prime Minister, not interested with bills rising.

“I mean energy 12,977 to 5000, potentially, on people who can’t afford to put petrol in their cars drive their kids to schools, they can’t see a doctor. They can’t get an ambulance, let alone a bloody operation.

“They can’t see a dentist. Where the hell is the… and I mean this with respect and please answer me where is the alternative? Where is your man where is Kier Starmer? I did this last night on uncensored Where is the man? Is he on a picket line? Is he on a holiday? Why isn’t he at this moment proving to the British people he’s a creditable alternative? Jonathan, where is he?!”

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Mr Reynolds responded: “Today he’s in Scotland, Jeremy doing some live interview so he’ll be able to put that case directly but I would say that you’re right to say to share that intense frustration.

“I mean, we can talk about any one of many crises there couldn’t we, we could be talking about real ways we can talk about water we can we talk about the NHS figures from yesterday.

“But there is no doubt that energy and energy bills are the most pressing crisis and we’ve been talking since January about the need for a windfall tax and using that to give everyone some relief, but obviously the most support for the most vulnerable, a third of British households in most need would get most from us.

“But you’re right to say that since we started making that case in January when we already had a crisis, we’re talking about a £2000  energy bill now. I mean, that seems a long time ago, doesn’t it?

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“But things have only got worse since that point. So yes, we have to keep raising the game raising that level.”

“Let’s talk about raising the game,” interrupted Mr Kyle, “Let’s talk about raising awareness.

“People will say to me in their droves and have done for weeks we are a rudderless ship this government, it’s a zombie government right there is nothing.

“The reason it makes me mad is because Starmer I mean this week, right, a failed Labour Prime Minister from 12 years ago Gordon Brown got more traction than any of you.”


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“Do you not think your leader now should be front and centre? We’ll give an example today, explain to people how Labour would handle the latest drama to land in our laps, which is droughts everywhere.

“Why isn’t he talking Jonathan, I’m not disrespecting you. I would have thought this was a golden opportunity for Sir Keir Starmer to prove to the British people he’s got what it takes.”

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