Baffled PrettyLittleThing shopper claims she found ‘drugs baggie’ in order

A woman got more than she bargained when shopping at PrettyLittleThing – as she claimed to have found a ‘baggie’ in her parcel.

Emily Rio ordered herself an outfit from the online fast fashion brand but allegedly received an unexpected extra.

As she peeled back the plastic on the orange and pink striped garment, the customer could not quite believe her eyes and so took to TikTok to share what she had just found.

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In the clip that has racked up thousands of views, Emily knelt on the floor and held up the colourful attire to the camera.

“So I have just ordered from PrettyLittleThing and I thought this was quite fun, it’s definitely not. And look what just fell out," she claimed.

Emily then picked up what appeared to be a ‘baggie’, which are commonly used to put drugs in, from the ground after it fell from the item of clothing.

“So someone obviously had a great time and sent the dress back”, Emily alleged as she giggled and quipped in the caption: “Unexpected item in bagging area.”

“It definitely wasn’t empty," Emily alleged.

Since going viral on TikTok, many people fled to the comments to give their verdict.

One person chuckled: “Unexpected bag in the item area.”

Another user added: “No way.”

While a third mocked: “Worth more than the dress.”

Someone else giggled: “Their sales will be skyrocketing.”

Meanwhile, a fifth gasped: “Nooooo!!! Oh my god.”

And one TikTok user speculated: “Omg. This has to be a prank!!!”

The official TikTok account for PrettyLittleThing also commented on Emily’s video, they said: “Hey Emily, please DM us on Twitter or Instagram so we can look into this for you. PLT.”

Daily Star has contacted PrettyLittleThing for comment.


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