WATCH: Mayor Michael Hancock gives the State of the City address

Mayor Michael Hancock is delivering his final State of the City address today after 11 years at the helm of a fast-growing and changing Denver.

The term-limited mayor has been the city’s public face during a period that saw major projects like the renovation of Union Station and key infrastructure like the train line to Denver International Airport completed.

His tenure has also coincided with Denver becoming one of the least affordable housing markets in the country and a jarring increase in the number of people living unhoused on the city’s streets.

Last year, Hancock used his State of the City address to campaign for a bond package that voters only partially supported. This year, with the lingering economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, increased crime and concerns about how the Denver Police Department has responded to the challenges the city is facing, Hancock will have one last opportunity to map out a direction for Denver.

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