Brexit LIVE: French EU wonk orders Brits to ‘stop complaining’ over new holiday charges

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British holidaymakers travelling to Spain will soon fall into the same category as other non-EU visitors and may be asked to show proof of accommodation and a return ticket under incoming new rules. But as Britons reel at the news, one European commentator has urged the UK to “stop complaining” over Brexit changes.

French political commentator Julian Hoez said on Twitter: “Brexit means Brexit, stop complaining to Europeans and start complaining to your MPs and local representatives.”

His tweet comes as British travellers will need to prove they can spend at least £85 a day to enter Spain, one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations.

Additionally, under new rules expected to launch at the start of 2023, any non-EU tourists must apply for the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) visa before travelling.

The new document is expected to cost about €7 (£6) and will apply to anyone aged 18 to 70.


What are the new rules for travelling to Spain?

The Spanish government has said that following Brexit, British tourists will be subject to new rules.

Those hoping to enter the hugely popular holiday destination may need to show they have enough money for their stay – a minimum of €100 (£85) per person per day, and have €900 (£761) available in funds.  

Proof of a return ticket or onward travel arrangements may also be necessary.

Briton’s fume over ‘elitist’ move by Spain

Some Brits are furious over travel changes coming for non-EU passport holders.

One wrote on social media: “Well this is stupid Spain is now requiring everyone to be able to prove that have £85 for each day to spend what a stupid, stupid idea what’s the need what about students and people are trying to have a cheap holiday it’s completely and utter idiotic [sic].”

Another added the move was “elitist” and a “kick in the teeth” for those who had been holidaying in the country for years. They also claimed the move would likely affect families and pensioners the most.

One man said in a Tweet: “Great Do NOT go to Spain. Tired of these anti-Brexit EU countries pushing us around.”


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