Polygon-Powered Prize-Winning Trump Trading Cards Now on Sale at NFT Marketplace OpenSea

The wallet that issued the original NFT collection for former U.S. President Donald Trump has minted tokens for sweepstake prize winners.

According to a report by CoinDesk, NFTs for Trump’s sweepstakes winners, originally announced as part of his December 2022 collection, are making their way onto the marketplace. Using data fromOpenSea, the report claims that the wallet has issued tokens that give owners access to prizes mentioned during the release of Trump’s “Digital Trading Card” collection last month. 

The new tokens, which are part of the “Win Trump Prizes” NFT collection, feature the former President holding a sign in the form of a golden ticket, each promoting a prize, such as an autographed copy of his book “Our Journey Together” or a group Zoom call with Trump himself. Here is some more information about the prizes from the collection’s OpenSea page:

Prizes include: Dinner with President Trump, Zoom Calls with the President, play Golf with the President and 2 of your friends, Autographed Memorabilia, One-on-One Meeting with The President & so much more.

While the original NFT collection was priced at $99 each, the new NFTs vary in price. As of 2:40 p.m. UTC on 16 January 2023, the total trading volume for the new collection, which is also powered by Polygon, is 71 ETH and the floor price is 0.0459 ETH.

The report claims Trump’s original NFT collection has witnessed a precipitous drop in trading volume since launching last month, falling nearly 99% since its peak. Following the original collection’s release, Trump revealed that he was motivated to launch the NFTs after finding the artwork “sort of cute,” rather than pursuing it as an investment opportunity. 

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