MetaTrace on its way to simplify the GameFi

Is it not astonishing that a recently launched play-to-earn platform can amass over 900,000 registered users in just over a month? While it may seem incredible, MetaTrace Quest attests to the reality of this achievement.

MetaTrace Quest serves as a captivating gateway into the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, offering users an exciting opportunity to delve into the potential of these emerging technologies. TraceWallets play a vital role as secure repositories for NFTs, establishing a tangible link between users and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Recent developments have further solidified MetaTrace Quest’s standing as a frontrunner in the GameFi space. The introduction of the MetaTrace Quest web application on Google Play, coupled with support for five additional languages, demonstrates the platform’s commitment to enhancing user accessibility and engagement.

To add the icing on the cake, MetaTrace Quest inaugurated its second season with an augmented prize pool of $200,000. Totally worth checking out!

Strengthening its position in the market, MetaTrace made the first listing of its $TRC token on the Mexc exchange on September 7th and continued the series of listings on the Bitmart exchange on October 5th.