WWE star sends fans wild as she joins no bra club and says ‘let them hang’

A former WWE champion has sent pulses racing after she revealed she's ditched a popular item of underwear.

Lina Fanene, nicknamed Nia Jax, has teased fans by declaring she has joined the no-bra club.

The 39-year-old, who was a successful model before she started wrestling, shot to fame following her wild performances with WWE.

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The brunette beauty, whose cousin is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's mother, has bagged a string of titles including the Raw Women's Championship.

Jax was a two-time tag team titleholder before she was released from WWE as part of budget cuts in 2021.

However, she featured as a surprise cameo as part of the Rumble for WWE in January.

She told Ring The Belle at the time: "There is nothing like getting in the ring and performing in front of thousands of people.

"When I went back for the Rumble, even for that brief little moment. I was like, 'ah.' That adrenaline hit, the heart was pumping, the chills were going.

"I was like, 'Damn, I wish I would have been in there longer. I wish I would have had a full match."

But Jax is still popular outside of the ring and frequently posts online.

In her latest post on Twitter, she wrote: “I’m done wearing bras! Let these girls hang.”

Fans loved her honestly, as one said: “My prayers have been answered!!!”

Another commented: “I've been letting mine hang for years now. I only wear a bra if I have to leave the house, and then I take it off right after I get home.”

A third wrote: "Now this is something I can get behind.”

While another added: "And just like that, Lina won the internet lol.”

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