World’s most humble royals who use public transport and had very own Megxit

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    When you think of royals, you generally think of them travelling in an armoured limo, or even a solid gold coach if they’re feeling fancy.

    But Norway’s King Harald V and Queen Sonja are more likely to be seen on a bus than in a horse-drawn carriage. The down-to-earth monarchs sent their kids to ordinary state schools and have, as much as possible, encouraged them to live normal lives.

    When Harald first started dating, Sonja Haraldsen, the woman who was to eventually become his wife, eyebrows were raised. While royals are normally expected to only marry other aristocrats, Sonja was a 'commoner'.

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    Harald’s dad, King Olav, tried to put an end to the relationship, but Harald was in love, and is said to have told his father that if he was not allowed to marry Sonja, he would never marry at all.

    The couple secretly dated for nine years before the king gave his permission for the couple to marry. Olav eventually granted his permission in March 1968.

    Over 50 years King Harald and Queen Sonja are still very happy together, and generally very popular in their home country.

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    They’re not poor, exactly: they have nine homes, for example, but that compares to at least 26 for our own King Charles.

    Rather than flying on private jets for international engagements, the couple – who are both in their 80s – rely on scheduled commercial airliners.

    They even combine major events – such as their 80th birthday parties and a Silver Jubilee celebration – to save money.

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    They spend a lot of time and energy on their hobbies. King Harald is keen on sailing and surfing, and Queen Sonja is a talented amateur painter, and is known to enjoy hiking.

    The European royals are all related by marriage, and as a result King Harald for Norway is actually 77th in line to the British throne.

    He is the great-grandson of Edward VII and his godparents included Queen Mary and her son George VI – who were the late Queen Elizabeth's grandmother and father.

    In an echo of the Prince Harry bombshell King Harald’s daughter, Princess Märtha Louise, announced that she would be stepping back from royal duties last year.

    But the laid-back monarch, 85, simply said that while he was"sorry that the princess will no longer represent the royal house” and they would have to "agree to disagree”.


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