Woman’s warning after creep on train ‘snapped her while watching adult clip’

A woman has issued a warning to others after she was left fearing for her safety after a "creep" harassed and photographed her on a late-night train journey.

Agnieszka Narczynska, 34, was travelling alone on a ScotRail service between Glasgow and Lanark at around 11pm on April 4 when the male passenger began to make advances towards her.

She explained that he had started calling her "gorgeous", before taking pictures of her on his phone.

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Agnieszka became increasingly uncomfortable and decided to text and call her friend in order to deter the man from continuing to speak to her.

But he refused to back off and she resorted to approaching a group of strangers for help, who would later catch him watching porn on his phone.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Agnieszka said: “I was sitting on the train myself and there were only a few people around. I was at the back of the carriage next to the toilets and there was a guy sitting right next to me.

"Next thing, he started mumbling something about me being ‘gorgeous’. I didn’t make any eye contact with him, but he was staring at me.

"I was texting and phoning my friend to pretend I was speaking to my boyfriend, but then I noticed in the reflection of the window that the guy was taking pictures of me.

"I looked at him and he wasn’t even trying to hide it. That was probably the most creepy thing about it."

Facility management technician Agnieszka, who lives in Motherwell, feared he would follow her home when she got off at her stop so she told a group of young men who had boarded the train why she was worried.

The lads offered to help Agnieszka straight away, with one telling her he had witnessed the man watching porn after talking to her.

She continued: "I went over and told these guys what had happened and they said 'Listen, we are going to make sure you are okay. We will get off at your stop and make sure he’s not following you'.

"One of them told me he saw him watching porn on his phone."

Agnieszka made it home safely and has thanked the group of strangers who helped her.

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However, she claims she is now frightened to travel on her own as she feels "uncomfortable and helpless" but has told her story in a bid to help others.

Agnieszka reported the incident to ScotRail and the British Transport Police (BTP), who have been contacted for a comment.

However, David Lister, ScotRail's safety, engineering and sustainability director, said: “ScotRail works very closely with British Transport Police to ensure that Scotland’s Railway is a safe environment for our customers, and our own people.

“If anyone observes any inappropriate behaviour on our trains or at stations, they should contact the BTP and report those responsible.”


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